Monday, January 24, 2011

Went 'n done something...stupid

Glutton for punishment? My picture should be right next to the definition in ...well... if they made a book about the those kinds of phrases and such.

See what happens when you give me a compliment!

I had such a wonderful reaction to all the positive comments I received from my blogfest entry. Some of you may know it as -- joy. It felt so good to hear nice things about my writing that I wanted it to go on and on.

I was just about to start posting sections of my book on this here blog when I got an email reminding me that the CreateSpace/Amazon/Penguin Breakthrough Novel Award contest started today. They are accepting 5000 entries in general fiction and 5000 in YA fiction.

So, I got this crazy idea to enter, and I did this morning.

I really have to say it wasn't a smart move though. If you check out the previous winners they seem like those 'thinking' books. The kind that makes you think when you read them. Mine is certainly not that. In fact it's more of an escapism type book. 

At least it won't take long to find out if I made the next level. Before the end of February I'll know if they liked my 'pitch' and if they are going to read my 'excerpt' or not.

Silly is as silly does.

Again, I can't thank you guys enough for all the nice compliments. I'm not sure where the Caine story idea came from, but I like it and I may have to work with it some more. Of course that would make it my third idea in the works. 

I was speaking with a friend about the fear of starting a paranormal book. It really is a daunting subject. Unless you want to stand on the shoulders of others you must create your own believable world in and around your characters and their abilities.

That can be very complicated.

I mean there are some universal truths about werewolves and vampires. At least there used to be. I wouldn't mind bringing some of them back.

Caught this blog this morning if anyone is interested in a chance to win query critiques! Mega-Awesome Query Contest from Roni Loren at Fiction Groupie.

It couldn't hurt, right?


  1. I don't think it was a stupid move. It is actually a very ballsy move and I wish I had your guts.

    I think you have the makings of a very good if not brilliant paranormal writer. Your story of Cain was very entertaining and I thought well written. So go for it. Maybe the paranormal genre is the genre that will set you apart and get you noticed. One never knows.

    Best of luck with the competition.

  2. Murees - Ballsy. I like that. It may sound ballsy but it doesn't feel that way now! Right after I clicked enter I had a 'what the heck' moment. We shall see.
    And you're right. You never know.


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