Friday, June 1, 2012

And so it begins...

I took out a few books from the library. I told myself after I read them I would have to start editing my book.

I finished them.

That went quicker than I planned.

So, I started editing this morning!!!!!

Of course the day went to shit just after that and I have been in and out of the house the rest of the day.

But, I did edit a few pages. It's a start.

Thanks for all the formatting advice from the other day. It's all going to come in handy shortly.

Check out the brand new cover for Nancy Thompson's first book that will be released in October...stolen from her blog!

All Tyler Karras wants is to enjoy life with his expectant bride; what he gets instead is a graveside seat at her funeral.  With the woman who killed her uncharged and still free, all Ty wants now is revenge.  His brother, Nick, has dangerous connections and suggests a sadistic plan: grab the woman responsible and hand her over to his associates—sex-traffickers in San Francisco’s Russian Mafia.  They offer Ty more than he dreamed possible. In exchange for the woman, they’ll finally let his brother leave the business for good—with his debt wiped clean and his heart still beating.

There’s just one problem: Ty kidnaps the wrong woman. 

Now he must protect her from the very enemy he’s unleashed, but the Russians are holding Nick as leverage to force Ty to complete their deal.  Caught in a no-win situation, Ty must find a way to save himself, his brother, and the woman, but with the Russian Mafia, even two out of three makes for very long odds. 

I'm so excited for her! I'll keep you posted on her book release tour!

And...please keep all your fingers and toes crossed for Tara from Tara Tyler Talks! She's going to a pitch session to pitch her book!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Anyone got big plans? 


  1. You started and that's good!
    Saw Nancy's cover this morning. Very excited for her.
    And fingers crossed for Tara.
    AND - I wrote quite a bit for CassaStorm tonight after coming back from seeing Snow White and the Huntsman. (Hey - priorities! It's Friday movie night.)

  2. Starting is good!

    Nancy's book sounds great & I'll cross my fingers for Tara!

  3. Sometimes starting can be the hardest part. Now you'll get on a roll. That's the way it works for me. I already gave Tara my good luck. Have a good weekend!

  4. Yay for starting! That's the hardest part. :)

  5. My birthday is in October, and this sounds like my kind of book.


  6. I'm so excited for Nancy! That cover gives me goosebumps. :D

  7. Nancy's book looks awesome, and right up my alley!

    Congrats on jumping the editing hurdle, or rather the first one. :)

  8. a few books? finished? so quick?

    but thats great! they will give you help on what makes a good read! you can see what improvements you might want to make.

    and you're so great! telling others to root for me! your book would have been perfect for this conference!

  9. Hi Heather! Starting the editing process is good.

  10. Good on you for starting edits - break it down to smaller chunks so you don't overwhelm yourself. And most of all - keep going!

  11. Alex – I’m impressed you could write after going to the movies! I love all this good news floating around blogland. Feels great!

    Jemi – Thank you! Nancy’s book does sound good.

    Christine – The roll is rolling on!

    Dana – I did start and got a great big chunk done too!

    Donna - What a nice gift to give yourself! Thanks for stopping in!

    Carrie – Cover looks fantastic. So happy for her!

    DL – Thank you! Yes, the first hurdle. Very excited about Nancy’s book.

    Tara – Yeah. I always was a quick reader. Slowed way down when I had my son. Just couldn’t concentrate but I seem to have gotten over that! I hope you had a great time at your conference and I hope the good luck helped!

    Susanne – Thank you! Very good!

    Charmaine – That is an excellent plan! Thank you.
    Thanks for coming everyone! Heather

  12. Hope Tara's pitch went well.

    Good luck with those edits!

  13. Jennifer - Met too! I think she had a good time.
    Thank you!


  14. Whoa, how did I miss this post?! First, thanks for the plug! You're such a supportive friend!! And ah, edits! They drive terror through the mind of every writer. But this is where the story blossoms, where layer after layer of juicy goodness is laid down. My advice? Don't over think it. Let it stew on its own. Don't do too much at once. Go back over & over with thin new layers each & every time. That's how a story grows richer. Good luck! I hope you'll let me read it someday soon!

  15. Nancy - Well, you are welcome. I'm really happy for you!

    And yes, the edits are tough but I'm looking forward to making this my best so far!


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