Monday, June 11, 2012

Couldn't drag me away...

I'm obsessed.

It's one of my greatest talents and biggest flaws.

My current obsession is Bush.

Hey...stop that.

I mean the band, Bush.

Really. I don't know what came over me. I have always enjoyed listening to their music but I was never a rabid fan. Their music is very good, but it's really Mr. Gavin Rossdale's voice that grabs me and won't let go.

So, I was trolling YouTube when I ran across their cover of The Rolling Stones song Wild Horses.

The cover is incredibly awesome but as I was watching Mr. Gavin Rossdale sing I noticed that he was very focused on something off stage.

I don't know if he was singing to someone specific, but if I had to guess it was someone he knew.

If I had to guess, he wanted to kill them...or he wanted to claim them.

Watch the video and you tell me.

That video of course led to one of my all time favorite Bush songs...Letting the Cables Sleep.

But...I don't get a lot of writing done when I'm listening to music. I tend to just sing the songs and not type.

It's counter-productive! :)


In a surprise treat on Saturday, my Muse decided to share an idea for a book. One that would take place after Maguire's Corner. One that forces supporting characters from M.C. to take on a starring role. One that would cause M.C. to become ... wait for it ... the first book in a series.

Well, a series of two.

I didn't leave the door open, so to speak, but I didn't really need to either. I did create M.C. with a very large family in a very large town. So large, in fact, I had to use a family tree program to keep them all straight.

I'm not going to get ahead of myself but I'm very pleased to have new story thoughts banging around in my head. It's also nice to be familiar with the people and places already and not have make it all up from scratch.

Now I know why writing series is so popular.


Anyone feel the same way about series? Will your book be a series or a stand-alone?

Anyone watch the Bush videos?

Anyone coming back on Wednesday to see Stormy's first interview with Alex J. Cavanaugh for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge blog?


  1. I didn't plan on a series either but sometimes it just happens!

  2. You totally left the door open.....Mayorial campaign anyone? Continuing romance anyone? Family drama anyone?

    Trust me, that door is WIDE open.



  3. Bush is very sexy and the familiarity of the characters and their motivations is both blessing and curse to me when it comes to writing.

  4. I can't listen to music and write, either. Like you, I just end up singing. :)

  5. I love the moment when the bright shiny new idea hits. It's like the world comes alive all over again.

  6. New ideas make me feel warm & fuzzy inside. Then I realize that I have to write them down & put them away so I can finish my WIP. That's always a bummer.

    P.S. I loooove Bush. I've been a fan since high school. Gavins voice is amazing & I love the guitar work. My two fave albums are sixteen stone & razor blade suitcase.

  7. I prefer series over stand-alones because I can become more invested in the characters. I write series for that reason.

  8. Personally, I don't enjoy series that are interconnected. That is, you must read the other books to land at the final resolution. I prefer standalones, but utilize the same characters. :)

  9. i have 2 projects then i might go back to make sequels to the current one, which one person suggested. but at the conference, one author had written tons of books with series shooting off each other and most of the ideas were from fans =)

    go for it!!

  10. and i cant type with music either. must sing =O

  11. Yum, a very young Gavin Rossdale! Thanks for that. I, too, have turned my single title stand alone into a series. I can't imagine going any more than two, but you never know. I say go for it, Heather!

  12. Bush video? That guy is seriously good looking.

  13. Alex – Ain’t that the truth!

    K. – What do you mean? He he he he . : )

    Johanna – I agree. On both comments!

    Dana – Too much singing. But, I you know, I always wanted to be a rock star.

    Carol – Great description of the moment. It did kind of feel like that.

    Tara – Bummer, yes, but potential new ideas are a blessing. It really is Mr. Gavin’s voice that gets to me.

    Clarissa – Exactly. I hadn’t thought of it for me but it is what I like to read.

    DL – I don’t think mine will be like that but I do know exactly what you mean. A lot of fantasy books are like that and take a lot of investment to get through.

    Tara – Great idea! I love fans! Now I need to get some!

    Tara – I know. It’s a curse really.

    Nancy – Going for it sounds great! You too!

    Liz – Ha! Nice one. He really is unreasonably handsome.

    Thanks for the visit everyone!

  14. I'm the same way with music; I can't listen to it when I write. Especially stuff with lyrics, because I sing, but even other stuff I start humming to. It's a real bummer. I've even posted about it a couple of times. It makes me hate people and their stupid book play lists. Bah! Humbug!

  15. Bush is a fine group and "Wild Horses" is one of my favorite songs. I know something about obsessions as I tend to do the same. Currently I'm obsessed with Fellini movies. I get no writing done if I'm watching movies. Music it depends on the music. I've been listening to a lot more lately.

    I prefer books that stand alone. If I do read a series I'd rather that each book not depend on the others, but be enhanced by reading them.

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