Monday, June 4, 2012

Brain. Soggy.

Workin' hard or hardly workin'? Eh, Bub?

Yep. That's me. Editing and more editing.

I will finish this week.

I will.

Even if my fingers start to bleed and my brain turns to mush!

Damn you, I will finish!

Sorry...that was more for me than for you.

I am over half done and need to get back to it so this will be short and sweet.

Had a nice weekend. Convinced myself I needed, no NEEDED with a capital Hulk, to go see The Avengers again.

Even better the second time around. A whole lot of fantastic dialogue. Not just the funny, witty, sarcastic parts, though there were many. Lots of excellent explanations without boring hunks of info.

I do love me some superhero manliness but I did fall in 'heavy like' with Loki. 

He's so wonderfully evil. Dumb as a rock but so smug about it. His anger at his treatment at the hands of others is tangible. Okay, maybe it was a little Stockholm Syndrome but I liked hearing him rant!

Always had a thing for bad boys.

Other than that...not much else to tell you. 

Don't forget the Insecure Writer's Support Group will be this Wednesday!

What are you going to write about?


  1. I don't know what I'm going to write about but I should start thinking about it. I hate the editing process so I hope you have a lot of sucess with it

  2. I have yet to see The Avengers. I know, I know. I'm deprived! I like the bad boys too. :)

  3. I LOVE bad boys! I don't know why but I tend to fall for them. Bad Nancy! BAD! I know, but...they are so complex, I can't help it. And whoa, you're almost done with edits already? You're the mad editor! You go girl...GO! Still wanna read it. And for the IWSG, well, heck, I think I'm gonna post about having to be extra careful now about what I say & write. Kind of a bummer, cuz I gotta big mouth.

  4. The Avengers is better the second time!
    My IWSG post will be encouraging this week.

  5. I've been wanting to go see The Avengers for a second time. The problem I've been having is that I need to drive an hour and half to get to a decent theater but I hope that once I get my own edits done and out of the way, I can treat myself with a road trip.

  6. I also go for the bad boys (or did before I got married). Yeah, those things never worked out too well--but they were fun while they lasted. LOL

    Good luck with those edits!

  7. Thanks for the reminder for the Insecure Writer's Support Group. I need to get that written and pre-posted before I forget again. Guess that's my main insecurity.

  8. I've been wanting to see the Avengers again ever since day one, but never have found the time. I'm thinking a double feature is needed for this weekend!!

  9. I have not watched that movie as of yet… but tend to.
    Not sure what I’ll write about.

  10. super editing powers rejuvenated? keep going! in the home stretch!

  11. Best of luck in getting your editing finished... I'm deep in editing myself and sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in words... Yeah, I know a bit dramatic:) Go Loki.

  12. You sound like me. I keep telling myself its just a few more (12,000) words. Hehe. And I'm here. Do these count? :0

  13. I felt sorry for Loki - so that ruled him out for sexiness, I'm a Dr Banner girl. Great movie!

  14. I loved that movie. It was such a fun family movie. I know it was PG-13, but my kids saw it anyway and loved it.

  15. I still haven't seen Avengers - we don't do the movies too often. I should talk my hubby into seeing this one though :)

  16. Clarissa – Thank you. Editing is not the easiest but I hope I make it through unscathed!

    Suz – Thank you!

    Christine - You should go…that’s all I’m sayin’!

    Nancy – Don’t change for us! Yes, bad boys are very complex and meaty...sorry.

    Alex – I knew you would agree! I like encouraging!

    M.J. – Excellent incentive!

    Dana – Yeah, bad boys. Can’t live with them, can’t leave them on the curb when you’re through with them!

    Stephen – I’m glad I could help! Sort of. : )

    DL – Oh! Double feature! What is/was movie two?

    Jeff – Please do. It’s worth the few hours!

    Tara – It was a marathon! That’s for sure!

    tfwalsh – Thank you so much and welcome. Drowning was a good description.

    T C – Just one more hill! Just one more hill! Thanks for coming!

    Charmaine – Mr. Ruffalo certainly gave depth to the character…finally!

    Ciara – I brought my 6 ½ year old. Does that make me a bad parent? It won’t be the last thing I’m sure.

    Jemi – I waited for a year to see it! I want to go back right now and see it again!

    Thanks for the visit everyone!


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