Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday awesomeness!

Yep, I thought it was just going to be a normal Monday, too.

In fact, I would have bet on it!

But, exciting things are happening!

I got an email from Under the Tiki Hut's Carol Kilgore this morning notifying me that I won a copy of her BRAND NEW book In Name Only which officially releases on July 10th!
Yeah! Thank you so much Carol! I can't wait to read it!

She's has another contest up for this week so head over there and answer this question to win your own copy!

I love firefighters because...


Did you know there is a Breakthrough Breakout FREE Kindle Download Party going on?
Today and tomorrow you can download Stephen Tremp's release Breakthrough for FREE!!


If you feel the need to look at crafty stuff, Suzanne at Suzi's Ice Box Art! (aka MOM) joined an online art class and she will be sharing her creations with all of us.

I always said she was crafty.


Thanks for all of your help and advice last week. Still working on what the term 'layering' means to me but I'm sure it will all come together!

And thanks for all the Stormy love. I'm trying not to be jealous of his success. He is one lucky gnome!

Did y'all have a nice Father's Day? Do anything fun?


  1. Thanks for the shoutout!

    Lovely Father's Day. All the fathers grilled steaks!

  2. We spent the day at a water/amusement park with the kidlets. Water slides were awesome. I was determined to brave the log flume without screaming, but the monsterous drop made me squawk like an injured goose. Stormy would have handled it without a peep, I'm sure.

  3. Congrats on your win!

    Our Father's Day was fun. We grilled and ate way too much. :)

  4. Stormy is a star! Don't let it go to his little stone head.
    And saw you won Carol's book - congratulations.

  5. Congrats to Elizabeth and Stephen! I have both their books waiting to be read on my Kindle.

  6. Well done on the book....... It is good to win things

  7. I had a wonderful fathers day! Thanks for asking.

    Congrats on winning a prize! :)

  8. Carol – You’re welcome! Thank you! Sounds like a nice day!

    Karen – Thank you! I’m so glad I helped!

    Tamara – That sounds like a whole day of awesome fun!
    Stormy? Well, he probably would have screamed like a girl!

    Dana – Thank you! Sounds perfect!

    Alex – Ha! Ain’t that the truth! Thank you!

    Emily – Great to hear! Thanks!

    Rob – It was a nice surprise that’s for sure!

    DL – Thank you and Happy Father’s Day!
    Thanks everyone!

  9. lots of great stuff!
    much better than an average monday! of course you won that prompt contest! yay firefighters!

  10. Congrats on the win!
    We had a nice Father's Day with the hubby and Father-in-law. Made a pineapple upside cake which was AWESOME.

  11. I love free stuff, especially books. Came home from AZ last night to a free ARC I won from crime novelist Karin Slaughter. And I've already downloaded Stephen's book. Father's Day was rather bittersweet for us. My son & I were away for his college orientation so he missed his last Father's Day with his dad.

  12. Tara - I love sharing! It's so much fun!

    Jennifer - That sounds great! I've never made that cake. It does sound really good though.

    Nancy - Nice! Free books are awesome!
    Well, it's not his 'last' day ever, right? I hope not!

    Thanks for coming!

  13. Lots of great things. I've been wanting a copy of that book to read. Can't wait.

  14. Clarissa - I'm excited too!
    Thank you!

  15. Congrats on your win! Yeah, there's so much free stuff this week. The family just stayed at home over the holiday weekend and relaxed...I can't complain about that. :)

  16. Well done on winning the book - very exciting.

  17. Michael - Thank you! That sounds like a nice time. Relaxing is good!

    tfwalsh - Thank you! I'm excited to read it!



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