Thursday, June 28, 2012

I've been gnome to write a blog post!

It's me! Stormy!

I'm taking over HER blog today. She's completely useless while editing. She's got some weird need to edit each day until her brain begins to bleed.

I've got some great stuff to show you so get ready for some laughs!

I love when others are thinking about me, and really, why wouldn't they? I'm awesome!

Here's some recent photos I've been sent!

She looks...friendly.

Nothing says roast chicken like a gnome butt in the face!

How did HE get his own product line?
It's me! In chalk!

Also...go see Gary/klahanie if you want to see someone even more obsessed with gnomes than ... well ... me.

Here's some great pics I stole from Facebook!

And's a little Stormy tip that I'd like to share with all of you.

Don't let Bear play your X-Box. He will beat all your high scores and he gets sticky honey on your controller!

Feel free to send me gnome pics!
Hope you guys have a nice weekend!


  1. Stormy, you are awesome! Thanks for the laughs.

  2. Excellent post Stormy! Love the chalk drawing of you.

  3. I'm glad Gary paid you a visit. I had a feeling you two would hit it off. Thanks for taking over, Stormy, and giving Heather a break while she edits.

  4. Those are great! At least Stormy isn't a chalk outline.

  5. I like the Winnie the Pooh/Star Wars picture.

  6. Stormy, don't tell Heather but I like your posts better. ;)

  7. Hey Stormy!
    Gnomebody does it better. My goodness gracious gnome, you are one entertaining writer and the 'wee folks' in my garden send you magical messages of peace and joy.
    Nice photos from um 'Farcebook', or 'Fairybook':) All the pictures you have shared are awesome! And thanks Stormy for noting that I'm somewhat gnome crazy. Just like that song, 'Gnome, gnome and deranged...'
    Fidelina the beautiful Fairy princess, Geoffrey the garden gnome, their lovely child Einahalk, do wonder if you will be cruising up to their favourite retreat, 'Gnome', Alaska....
    Take care and I shall be letting 'Better Gnomes and Gardens' know that you are the gnome!

  8. Great post, Stormy! I enjoyed it. Thanks!?!

  9. I need a gnome so I can take a break, he blogs well. Loved the Red Shirt Star Trek guy and the popcorn one. So funny! :D

  10. I hope Stormy stays inside this weekend. It's supposed to be HOT.

  11. *gnome butt in the face*
    love it!

    Happy Weekend :)

  12. Great post Stormy! The popcorn pic got a laugh. ; )

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Stormy, you are awesome. No doubt about that.

    I love that Joss Whedon picture so so much.

  15. Dana – He says you’re welcome!

    Stephen – That was done by the BOY. He drew him in the driveway.

    Nancy – I needed a break too. It was great Stormy timing.

    Alex – BRILLIANT! I’m doing that!

    Tonja – It was very cute.

    Clarissa – He didn’t say a word!

    DL - He likes to think so. : )

    klahanie – Cracking me up! You are so creative! Thanks for visiting!

    Tara – He says he knew you would!

    Scribbles From Jenn – Gnomes are good for all kinds of things!

    L. Diane – His little hat is melting! It’s damn hot here.

    Carol – Don’t let them fool you! They stuck their butts that way!

    Susanne – He thinks so too! That is was great! : )

    M.J. – Stormy says thanks and he had no doubts either!

    Thanks everyone!

  16. Great pics to brighten my Monday morning. Hope you've had a great weekend, Heather & Stormy. I've got an award waiting for you both if you're interested in checking it out. :)

  17. Found your blog through Insecure Writer's group. Stormie, you're funny.


    Now following.

  18. Michael - Thank you so much for the award. I'm glad the pics made you laugh!

    shelly - Welcome and thanks for coming. Stormy is a very funny gnome and knows it too!

    Thanks for the visit!

  19. Happy IWSG, Heather. You're running a close second to Gary's love of Gnomes. You could probably catch up; all you need to do is have a wedding. Nice to meet you, Stormy.

  20. Joylene - A wedding! Huh! Maybe. Stormy is working on his Bucket List currently.
    Thanks for the visit.

  21. Did somebody mention a wedding? In the meantime, a bucket list. I felt a little 'pail' just reading that :)

  22. so much fun in one post! gnomes and comics!
    fave is the walker in line with r2 and pooh!


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