Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello my PEEPS!

The only part about Easter candy that I really like, besides all the chocolate rabbits and jelly beans, is the PEEPS!

Makes you want to run out and buy some PEEPS, doesn't it?

Me too!

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I'm off to find where I stashed my kid's candy for next weekend! Don't worry, I'll replace the PEEPS before Sunday! 


  1. Already had my Peeps!
    And that Star Trek one is awesome.

  2. I don't care for Peeps that much—am I still allowed here? ;) I do love me some chocolate bunnies, though.

    Love the pics—especially the Star Trek one!

  3. The Sushi Peeps are adorable! I was at a party recently where someone had made Sushi out of Fruit Roll Ups and assorted candies, and they were good.

  4. Peeps! Remember when they used to be an Easter thing? I love to eat them and I love seeing people do such creative dioramas with them!

  5. I never liked Peeps, so I think that makes me weird because everybody in the world must like them or they'd have stopped making them by now, right? Oh well, I hope you enjoy yours. :)

  6. Those Star Trek peeps rock! Very cool stuff :)

  7. I used to love Peeps as a kid. Now the thought of all that sugar gives me a head ache. I enjoyed the display though :)

    Happy Easter.


  8. Alex - Does that mean you don't get any more Peeps? That would be sad!

    Dana - I really think marshmallow is a 50/50 thing with people. Of course you are still welcome!

    L. Diane - Nice. I'm not that crafty but I like to share other crafty people's stuff!

    Andrea - They are awesome but I'm a traditionalist. I prefer yellow chicks.

    celeste - I'm sticking with my 50/50 theory. I'll enjoy mine and yours!

    Mark - Thanks for coming by!

    Donna - Happy Peep Day to you too! Thanks for stopping in.

    Carrie - I love the work that goes into this stuff!

    Thanks for coming everyone!

  9. Cute pictures. I thought the Star Trek one was cool. Happy Easter!

  10. Peeps are just the greatest thing ever :D

    I only eat them at Easter though. They have them for every season now...but it's just not the same.

  11. those were fun!
    i hid mine a while back too, getting ready for spring break trip. hope theyre there when i get back, home alone with hub!

  12. Didn't know what a peep was until I asked Alex Cavanaugh. They sound tasty. :)

  13. Susanne - Thank you! Some people are very creative. Unlike me. :)

    Samantha - You're absolutely correct. I only eat them at Easter too.

    Tara - Hope you have a great time away!

    Al - They are so good. I don't know why, but they are. Thanks for coming by.


  14. Hello human Heather,

    Thought I'd um peep over at see what's happening :)

    Ah yes Peeps, make it so.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!


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