Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just a quickie or two!

Just a quick note today...

I won a prize! It was totally unexpected cause I suck at winning things!

I was on fellow blogger Christine Bell's blog and joined her contest for her new book...

Yesterday she tweets me saying that I won a Kindle Fire! I don't even know what that is but...awesome!

Thank you, Christine! 


Did you join DL Hammon's Blog Blitz? Check out his blog Cruising Altitude 2.0 for more details. It's going to ROCK! \m/


Mark Koopmans' Got Green Blogfest 2.0 is on Friday! Got a great Irish story to tell in 333 words? Then this is this blogfest for you!

And lest we forget Alex J. Cavanaugh's TOP TEN MOVIE COUNTDOWN BLOGFEST on Monday!

It's going to be a great FEST! Awesome movies everywhere. And just when you think you have the perfect list you'll see another list and say, "Damn! How could I forget about THAT movie?" 

Fun for everyone!

I'll leave you with this...


  1. Winning that is very good and a good sign with the forthcoming A to Z looming ever closer.

    Well done

  2. Kindle Fire's are awesome! If you don't want it you can send it to me! ;-)

  3. Kindle Fire's are awesome! If you don't want it you can send it to me! ;-)

  4. I know you'll enjoy your Kindle Fire...how cool is that?

  5. That is an AWESOME thing to win! I've been wanting one of those forever. Congrats :)

  6. Hangman - funny!
    Congratulations on winning the book.
    Lots of good stuff coming up. And yes, lots of movies we will forget.

  7. Signed up for the Blog Blitz and Alex's blogfest.

  8. Hi Heather,

    Ah yes, so many blog hops and blogfests. Enjoy and to all those who participate, I wish you much fun.

    As for me, I'd rather talk to Geoffrey the garden gnome than join any of this stuff! :)

    Be well. I think I've um 'hung' around here to long.

    Gary. Yeah I know, who is this Gary?

  9. What a great win! I'd love to get a kindle fire.*sigh* (:
    I've signed up for a few bloghops this month too, just need to squeeze in time to write my A-Z posts. April is coming up fast!

  10. Thanks for the Shout Out and I'm excited for Friday :)

  11. Rob Z - Thank you! I was hoping it was a good sign for my lotto ticket too!

    Lexy - Maybe we could share it! Thanks for coming by.

    Amy - Very cool. Thank you!

    mshatch - Thanks. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it to see what its all about!

    Alex - Thank you! Yes, so many movies so little time.

    L. Diane - YEAH, US!

    klahanie - I understand you don't join them. It's ok. More fun for us. Gnomes are great conversationalists anyway. :)

    Elise - I know. We are all running out of time. :)

    Mark - You are very welcome. Friday should be fun!


  12. CONGRATS on winning a Kindle Fire! How awesome!

  13. Congrats on winning! See you at the movies. (I didn't know about the others).


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