Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No discipline!

I'm pretty confident that I won't get any writing accomplished this morning.

No discipline!

If I sit down at the computer and don't go directly to my story, I'm pretty much screwed. 

I get caught up on Facebook and Twitter and all the blogs that I like to read. I send emails and check the news and before you know it, time is up and I have to do 'real world' stuff.

I did get some good writing in yesterday. I may have been able to do more but I found myself on the internet doing research for some crime scene supplies and that just takes up a lot of time. I bookmarked the sites so when I need them again it won't take as long but the damage was done for yesterday.

I do need to do a little research today too. It's probably what I should be doing instead of writing on the blog.

No discipline!

Maybe I could hire someone to stand over me and yell at me if I stray from my writing.

Maybe you only get that option if you publish!


  1. I can so relate to your post today! Social media will be the death of me. Once you get started on Facebook, Twitter, et. al., it's hard to stop. It's like chocolate.

  2. Liz - Yeah, but chocolate is at least satisfying!

  3. I just read on agent Steve Laube's blog his ten commandments for working with an agent.
    #7 was : Thou shalt be reasonable and balanced with regard to Facebook, Twitter, blogging, or blogs. Thou art a writer….not a teenager. (Thy social networking and Internet writing shouldeth be related to marketing efforts or to increasing thy platform and readership.) Remembereth…every word written on Facebook is a word not written on thy manuscript.

    I was like, "UGH!" What a punch in the gut that was.

  4. Ouch!
    That hurts.
    But...one should remembereth that one was on Facebook before one was lucky to have an agent or be publishedeth!

    That is harder than it looks!

    I hope I have the chance to say to myself that my 'readers' would appreciate it more if I was writing instead of hanging out on FB!
    I truly hope.


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