Friday, September 24, 2010

So, I re-wired it!!

I've read a lot about character names.
I have spent many laborious hours on websites searching for just the right name for my characters.
The male character name that sounds great if the female character has to shout it out to save his life.
The female character name that sounds great when the male character whispers it in the dark.

In my opinion, great names can equal great characters.
It's very important.

When I think about my characters I think about them by name.
When I think about my next scenes and what the characters might do I think of them by name. 

Well, I was getting pretty sick of Devin.

I really did like this name.
It's Irish, which I 'm fond of.
It's a strong name. 
It's kind of exotic sounding.

But, it wasn't working. It didn't fit her. She is fun and flirty and this name was hard and uninteresting.
And, if I said it to people in conversation, they thought she was a boy. 
No good.

So, I changed her name.
25,000 or so words into the story and I used Find/Replace and changed her name.
To what? 
I'm so glad you asked!
Maggie. Maggie for Margaret.
But, Heather, didn't you use Margaret in your last book?
Again, I'm glad you asked.
Yes, I did. Margaret was the mother of my last main female character.
So, I changed her name too!
You're just all kinds of crazy!
Yep, I surely am.
Now Margaret is Claire and Devin is Margaret. Well, Maggie.

I can hear him in my head. Do you know who I am talking about?
Gabriel Byrne.
Point of no return. 
Maggie for Margaret.
I loved when he said that.

Moving on. 

So, I fixed my name problem. I re-wrote some of the criminal elements and I'm right back where I started the other day. 
I should have a clearer direction of where I need to go next.


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