Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Round 300 -- Done!

Bring it, BABY!

I have finished editing Setting the Record Straight...yet again.

I fixed the whole 'age inappropriate' thang (still think that's a load of crap) and made everyone 'legal' to have 'relations'.
(Even though it's a flashback!)

I also went through all 55,000-ish words and spruced, waxed, fluffed, trimmed, polished, affixed and some of it I even chromed!

But don't tell my husband. He thinks I hate chrome. (I do, actually.)

Now, if I only had someone to send it to!

Come on HQN! Send me that big 'R' for Rejection letter so I can have a good cry and then send this puppy on to some e-publishers!

Back to book two, Maguire's Corner, tomorrow. Gotz to get those two kids together soon or it's gonna start reading like a YA book!
And we can't have that.

Time for some excitement and danger and some really good kissing!

The kind that makes you wish you were drinking iced coffee!

The kind that makes you hot under the collar even if you aren't wearing one!

The kind that makes you go stick your head in the freezer for a few moments (and take out something to make for dinner at the same time!).

Sheesh! I think we get the point. Move along.

What's in a kiss? Everything. Absolutely everything. Sometimes it's hard to write without it sounding like a science project but when it's done right...man'o'man'o'man! 

Describing good kisses is like a Forest Gump moment.

Soft kiss. Hard kiss. Closed kiss. Open kiss. Wet kiss. Dry kiss. Lemon kiss. Kiss on the lips. Kiss on the neck. Kiss kiss.

They are all really good and all really hot. 

I've got to go.
Where's my husband? 


  1. Not so bad if it ends up as a YA book - have you seen the movies that have come out lately? Twilight, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and they are making The Hunger Games into a movie. Now, who would you cast as the leads? :-)

  2. But all they do is kiss in YA! Boo!

    Harry Potter is about the only book to movie they didn't screw up.

    And didn't you just tell me that they didn't quite get Twilight right? (well, except for him)

    Percy needed lots of work.

    I understand your point. These authors are making lots of money and have tons of fame.

    As for casting Colin and Riley? Let me see if I can find you some links!

    Check my next post!


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