Monday, September 13, 2010

Not to be taken lightly.

To be honest, I had completely given up on the query letters/emails that I had sent to the original 15 agents/publishers on my first book.

I figured that if they hadn't replied since May/June that I wouldn't be hearing from them...well...ever.

To my surprise, I did get an email a few days ago. It was from an agent that I had sent an email query to.

I mentioned this in my last blog but it was a short but sweet note because I was blogging from my phone and unable to type very much at one time.

I had written that none of us should get too excited. Yes, someone asked for more to read, but it could easily end just there.

I am certainly not trying to diminish the importance of being asked for more. 

As I wrote in response to a fellow blogger, I am just 'cautiously optimistic'.

I want to jump up and down, but I know me, I know my luck.
I don't have any.

Best not to jinx myself any further.

It was excellent timing though. I had just finished up 'fixing' my story and going through each and every page. I mean...just...finished. So that was handy.
I had to go to a family wedding this past weekend. Only one person asked me what I had been doing with my life but I was able to say that I was submitting my manuscript to agents and publishers and working on my second book.
It was pretty cool.
I still didn't use the word 'writer'.

What's that Colonel Sanders? Chicken? 

So, to sum up. I am very grateful that someone wants to read more of my work. I hope they want to read the whole thing eventually. But I will understand if I don't hear from them. 

I won't like it, but I will understand.

Meanwhile...I am working on book two. Since working on the first one I felt it was necessary to go through everything I had already written. It still flows pretty good. I like how things ended. I got a bit of writing in after that but not too much. Perhaps more tomorrow.


  1. Good luck, Heather! When you get a bite like that, at least you know your query letter is doing what it's supposed to do. :-)

  2. Thank you Liz.
    I can only hope my fingers can survive all the gnawing.


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