Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wishful thinking Casting Couch

My good friend, ANONYMOUS, asked me who I would cast as my two lead characters from my book.

I have to say, it was so much easier to pick some good looking guys for Colin's character than it was to pick a female that I would like to see in Riley's part.

Check it out below...

Colin has black hair and black eyes but I might make an exception for Mr. Matt Bomer...

Mr. Orlando Bloom has certainly got potential...

Blue eyes again, but not bad Mr. Bradley Cooper...

And I suppose staring at Mr. Ryan Reynolds for a while wouldn't hurt...

And don't forget Mr. Chris Pine...

Riley has red hair with green eyes.

I still haven't come up with an actress for her. She would have to be pretty tough, funny and sexy.
Maybe a little Scarlett J., a little Jessica B., a little Sandra B. and a little Julia R. all mixed together?
I did find her hair though...

Well, that was fun. Too bad I can't even get the damn thing out the door at the moment!

UPDATE: I heard from Carina Press. They emailed me saying that I can not submit the 'same' manuscript to HQN and Carina at the same time. So even though I am only waiting to hear back from  HQN about my query letter and short synopsis, I can not send the same manuscript info to Carina. 
Fair enough. 
I will wait to hear from HQN before I move on is all. It's only been like 12 weeks or so.


  1. How about Julianne Moore? Nah - she may be too "old". Of course, you know people dye their hair all the time for movie roles and accents can be faked and contacs are worn all the time (like - who really has gold eyes?), so how about Emilie de Ravin (Claire from Lost)?

  2. I had to look her up. I didn't know she was on Lost. I knew her from Roswell. She's cute. (Are the pics w/ her and RP old news or new news?)
    I was surprised you didn't mention the red head from Twilight. The first one not the second.
    I had to look her up too. She has potential.

  3. OOoo - yes - Rachelle Lafevre (or however it's spelled). She's good too. The pics w/RP and EdR are relatively old - they were in a movie together that just came out on DVD. It's a good movie - you might like it.....Remember Me.


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