Friday, February 25, 2011

2000 names...

...and not one of them mine.

I was going to wallow about not being chosen for the second round on the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest but, I really hadn't expected to be picked anyway.

So, no wallowing.

Sure, I was disappointed but the very same day I received two messages from people who read part two of my book that I posted on this blog and both said they wanted to keep reading.

I'm sure my pitch sucked. I didn't show it to anyone. I didn't ask for the blog communities advice. I really kind of half-assed the entry and that means it's my fault for not being chosen.

Moving on...

Writing is a little slow but that's to be expected. I had a good run at the beginning of the week and now I need to make some important decisions about what happens next to Caine, Reese and the pack. There are so many paths that I could take with them but I don't want it to sound like other books.

Speaking of other books...I have read my fair share of werewolf stories and vampire/werewolf stories, but, if any of you guys have suggestions I would appreciate them.

I can call it research but I just like to read them too.


  1. Hey, I'm right there with you. My problem is that my query isn't nearly as strong as the book (not saying the book's amazing, but the query really isn't).


  2. Aw, bummer. But you have such a great attitude! No wallowing. Keep on keeping on!

  3. Sure there's disappointment abound, but that doesn't mean there won't be success ahead! The odds of 1 in 2000 being picked for that are scary, though really that must pale compared to what editors and agents see on a regular basis.

  4. Dan - Whats with that? Why can we write a book over 50,000 words and yet writing that stupid query was TORTURE! I don't know.

    Jennifer - Thank you. It would be too easy to give up now. I'm inspired by reading so many success stories too!

    Jeffrey - So true. I'm letting this one roll of my back and feeding on the positive comments that I am getting instead.

  5. I am a bit late but congratulations on getting more than 100 followers.

    You have a great attitude and it is great that you didn't allow the contest to get you down.

  6. Keep up the great attitude, wallowing will only slow you down, aside from our spouse or in my case over excited sister, there aren't many people that push me to continue on with my dream. To realize that there is at least one person out there who can't wait to read what I write is enought to lift my spirits. I've had the pleasure of reading your work and yes I want to read more... To echo what Jennifer wrote, just keep on keeping on!

  7. Murees - Thank you. It really helps that I have you guys to urging me on too.

    Jessica - I appreciate that. And I will be putting up another section shortly. You're right, knowing that someone out there wants to read it felt great and overshadowed the contest results.

    Thanks guys.


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