Monday, February 14, 2011

...he was lost.

His large hands gripped her hips sliding her up his body until her mouth was just inches away. Although he was almost desperate to taste her lips he just continued to watch her until she finally lifted her gaze to his.
He hoped to see interest or even curiosity shining from those eyes but it was her undisguised need that sent him over the edge.
Jack brushed his lips over hers slowly, giving her plenty of time to change her mind but Maggie’s hands tightly gripped his upper arms. Lowering his mouth again he finally tasted those lips that had haunted him for months. They were full and soft and warm and they parted beneath his so he could dip his tongue between them.
A shudder ran through them both as he took another taste and another. His hand crushed into her hair and tilted her head so he could deepen the kiss. His long buried desire for her began to uncurl in the pit of his stomach.
He wanted more, another kiss, another taste. His arm banded around her to pull her up closer...

I can't post any more than that or I will have to change my blog settings!
I purposely chose not to join any Valentine blogfests or contests. It's not that I don't love LOVE, you know I do, but I already bitched about the holiday so I didn't feel I could participate without looking like a hypocrite.

So, instead I posted this partial scene from Maguire's Corner. Jack and Maggie's story. It takes place just moments after the scene I posted for the Page 99 Blogfest.

Since Caine and 'the girl who shall remain nameless cause I can't figure out her stupid name' haven't kissed yet, I had to use Jack and Maggie. They have kissed but haven't made it much further than that. Shame. They are going to be pretty hot in the sack together if I can ever get them there. I get the feeling Caine and [insert epic name here] are going to have a love fest long before I get back to Jack and Maggie. 

We shall see.

So, what's going on?

Writing is going on...which is always good. 

Won't hear about the Amazon/Penguin thing until the end of the month so I have to let that go. 

(Really, Heather, let it go.)

Must start making some plans for the A to Z blogging challenge coming up in April. I don't want half ass that. It should be fun. Still time to join if you are interested.

Had a few people express interest in reading more about Colin and Riley and I may post some more shortly. 

Keep watching for details!


  1. Pant, pant, pant... Sigh!
    You certainly know where to cut the cliff hanger.

  2. this is amazing. now lets play name games will Lila do? or Piper or Willow?

  3. Tantalizing. :D

    I put in my first two posts for A-Z. Have lots more to prepare.

  4. Suz - HA! You already read that!

    Joanna - HI! Thank you.
    The name thing, killing me.
    I like your choices...but...Piper is a character on Charmed and Willow is from Buffy. I equate too much with those.

    Lila is nice. Lila and Caine. Caine and Lila.

    Hmmm. I will plug it in and see if it works. Thanks so much for sharing!

    M Pax - Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.
    You are much further ahead than I am, I will have to get serious soon.
    Thanks for coming.

  5. Thanks for the A to Z mention and for putting up the badge. I've got you listed for my next "Thank You" post.

    Tossing It Out

  6. Lee - That's sweet and appreciated. I am very excited for the challenge. I have set up my Excel spreadsheet but I have yet to punch in topics or ideas. I usually work better under pressure. Hopefully I won't wait too long!


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