Thursday, February 3, 2011

Writing and reading and blogging...oh my.

Sorry for the lapse in blog posts but you see I have been outside for 2 days trying to clear my driveway and sidewalk from the snow, ice and freezing rain that arrived in a most unwelcome fashion. Yes, I deserve it, I live in the Northeast but that doesn't mean that I have to like it.

It also hasn't given me much time or energy to write.

I did put in some work on the werewolf story. (Really going to have to find another working title for that. It just sounds, well, dumb when I put it that way. I guess I could just call it Caine's story for now.)

I did put in some work on Caine's story. That was constructive and more importantly it felt good. (Sounds better.)

Did some blog reading recently too. Lots going on out there in blog land, blogfests and contests and such. 

Had a nice discussion in the comments section of a post over at Chatterbox Chitchat guessed it...posting your work online. 

It's an interesting topic.

Of course I read it just after I decided to post some of my work on my blog.

It's still a mystery why publishers/editors/agents won't touch your work after it has been 'published' online.

I know I shouldn't be so annoying but as soon as someone tells me that I should or shouldn't do something I get defensive and feel the need to push back. 

Write this way, don't do this, take out that, use this font, do this, read that, make this like that.

It can make a writer dizzy.

I guess the only advice to take is to take all advice in moderation. A little of this and a little of that could add up to be the right combination.

Saw this yesterday...
Romance Junkies 2011 Writing Contest-Taking the plunge into the new year contest!
Sponsored by Carina Press!

Since Carina already rejected my only completed book I don't think I should enter it into this contest. I would have to read the guidelines and rules to find out more.

But, I think that you can read the entries and possibly win prizes too so you may want to check that out.

Better go tackle some indoor chores that were intentionally ignored while I labored outdoors.


  1. I think you should enter you story.....then if they select it as winner you can go back and say WTF?!?! lol!

    Love you!

  2. I understand the advice against posting your work online...but then again different things work for different people.

    New follower...

  3. Katie - Nice. That would be funny though.

    Demitria - I guess I understand it but tend not to agree. I can't see why someone should be penalized for sharing their work.
    Thanks for joining us.

    Here are some examples of what the publishing industry/agents/editors are overlooking:
    If I was a musician I would be performing my original music out in public while I was pursuing a music contract.
    If I was an artist I would be showing my work at art shows trying to get an agent/manager.

    OK, I'll shut up.

  4. Snow! Yay! It doesn't snow where I live. We just fry in the summer and go into a slow simmer during winter, but no snow.

    And I agree with you. The more someone tells me not to do something the more I will want to do it too. It just can't be helped. It is our inner rebel speaking up.

  5. Murees - No snow? Want some of mine? We have 'feet' of standing snow and 2 more storms predicted for this week.
    My inner rebel gets me into a lot of trouble.


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