Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy S.A.D.

Happy S.A.D. = Happy Singles Awareness Day.

There is a ton of Anti-Valentine's Day stuff out there. Makes me laugh.

No, I'm not single. I am married. But I find Valentine's Day an annoying Hallmark holiday. 

I'm not anti-love either. Hell, I write romance stories. It's not that. I just don't think we need to spend zillions of dollars on cards and flowers and candy to tell someone we care.

It went from being a sweet gesture to being a requirement in a relationship and I think that's bull.

OK. I'm done ranting about love.

Speaking of love...

Working on Caine's story. It's coming along. One slight hiccup. I am still trying to come up with my female main characters name.

We have had this discussion before here and here.

It's so important to have the right names.

I heard the name Caine and knew I wanted to use it.

I actually have a whole list of guy names that I like and know that I will use somewhere for something.

I even have a list of last names that I like.

Girl names? Much harder for me. I don't know why. It's a mystery.

Speaking of mysteries...

If you are interested in trying to solve one here is a fun blogfest!

Whodunnit - A 600 Follower Mystery/Celebration


  1. I like the name Emily....or Catherine...or Cassandra....or Alexandra....or Shannon....or Hiroko. ;-)

  2. I never have that problem. I have names on names that I haven't had a chance to use.

    If you want, I'll help you pick one. :-)

    Either way, good luck with finding the right name!

  3. Somebody had to say what you said about Valentine's Day and it had to be a woman. A man can't get away with saying that. But I can agree with it and I do. There are cards for just about everything and some of those cards aren't cheap--let alone the flowers, candy, or whatever.

    Girl's name. How about "Ada"? With Caine and Ada as the main characters it might strike a special chord with readers in our northern neighboring country. Besides Ada is one of my favorite names--I even named my oldest daughter Ada Rachel. That's my vote.

    Tossing It Out

  4. Anon - Emily? Jeez, I wonder why?
    I did consider Cassie for a while. It sounded sweet but with Caine I thought it might be too distracting. All those 'K' sounds.

    Misha - Thank you. I do like your name. I can hear it being whispered in the dark. Hmmm.

    Lee - Great minds right?
    Ada is pretty. Caine and Ada.

    I was considering Jamie or Dani. I'll have to plug some of these in and see how they sound.
    Thanks for the input ladies.

  5. All of the sappier holidays were invented by card companies to make money. You shouldn't just be kind and thoughtful on a given, laid out date, you should be that way all of the time. Or at the very least, when no one tells you to be.

  6. Wendy - Applause, applause. Is it really that hard for people?

  7. I kin doff like sappy holidays and sending cards and am not a bit sad that husband is taking me to the melting pot tomorrow night. But, he's romantic all year round.
    And, I like to send valentines day goodies to my friends, too. But I'm festive and goofy like that.

    I love coming up with the perfect names for my characters. In fact, I can't write until I have them. It's like they don't come alive for me until they are properly named. (I do, however, struggle with titles quite often.) I like Caine. :) But I agree, I wouldn't name the female MC with a name that begins with a hard C/k sound in the same book with Caine.

    Have a delightful weekend...I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. :)

  8. Lola - It sounds like you celebrate because you enjoy it not because you feel obligated and that was really my hang up.

    I agree wholeheartedly that names are incredibly important. The characters just don't gel until I get them right.

    I'm glad you stopped by and welcome.

  9. I agree with you--love should be expressed all year round. My problem: my husband is a romatic loser (I still love him). He's not one to just randomly pick up flowers or buy my a little treat without a reason. He sucks like that (I still love him). So I need V-day so I can get me some goodies :)

    Character names are tough. I'm sure the right one will come to you. Good luck.
    (new follower)

  10. Thanks Heather for speaking up about the Valentines Day craze. I am single and find the day annoying because all my friends are now married and they sort of like rubbing it in my face.

    And I too find it difficult to find lady names I like. I think it is because I can't imagine using a name of a person I dislike, for example Melissa. The Melissa I know I can't stand so there is no way in hell my leading ladies name will ever be Melissa. I guess that's not very nice of me to say, but hey, it is true.

  11. Angela - So sweet the way you express your true feelings, good and bad, about your husband. You had me at 'romantic loser'!
    I knew my opinion wouldn't be for everyone but that's never stopped me before.
    Thanks for sharing your comments and welcome.

    Murees - Just remind your married friends that they have to have the same tired goodies every year but you get to have any trail mix you want!

    I feel the same about girl names. I guess I know more women and therefore know more names that I can't use. I don't know.

    I've been using Jamie, but I don't think she and I are going to work out.

    Thanks for coming by.

  12. The pajamagram and journey pendant Valentine ads make me laugh and crazy at the same time. Give me flowers/chocolate any other day of the year!

    I can also relate on the women's character names too. Men are easy; women, much much harder. So many names have certain connotations for me, not all of them good.

  13. Liz - I know. I just saw a chocolate diamond commercial. Please, save us from the retailers!

    I think I will have to go back to the baby names websites. Time consuming but it may be the best bet at this point.

    Caine needs a girl without a name identity crisis!


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