Sunday, March 27, 2011

Brain needs rewiring!

Deirdra Eden Coppel from A Story Book World 
sent me a very sweet blog award. 

Luckily I don't there were any rules involved with receiving it.

So, thank you for thinking of me.

I'm afraid I having nothing new to talk about today. Been mostly fuzzy around the edges for a few days. 

Trying to fight off a cold, I may be losing that battle. 

Had some company over and had to prepare the house for guests. 

Playing with my new top, the laptop, and not accomplishing much. 

I've got plenty of reasons to write, but lack the gumption.

Perhaps my brain is saving it all for the A to Z Blogfest in April! One can hope.


  1. Congrats on your new laptop! I think we're all a bit fuzzy around the edges these days, what with spring not springing as it ususally does. Hope you feel better soon. There's a nasty bug going around. Lots of oj for sure!

  2. Congratulations with the award! It is well deserved. Sorry I have not been dropping by as regularly as usual. I have been kind of crazy lately.

    Yeah, I think my brain is also fearing the
    A-Z challenge. But I am sure you will do well. Good-luck and see you there.

  3. Hi,

    Congrats on award, and have fun with new laptop! As for the A-Z challenge - daunting thought, ain't it?


  4. Kittie - I think you hit the nail on the head about spring. I put away the shovel and took out the porch furniture and then it snowed for three days. That and the time change has screwed us all up. Thanks for coming by!

    Murees - Not to worry. It's ok to be crazy too.
    Can't wait to start reading the A to Z posts.

    Francine - Thank you. A little daunting about the challenge but I think we can all make it fun. Appreciate the visit.


  5. Cool award. Congratulations! I know how you feel. I've been lacking on my writing too. Need to get my butt in gear though.

    Hope you feel better soon. :)

  6. Hope you feel better soon. Colds are not fun.

    I'll be participating in the A-Z Blogfest too. Not sure yet what to write for "x" though...

  7. Donna - Thank you. Yes, butts all over need to get going. I think so many of us feel the same way about our lack of spring.

    Liz - Thank you. I'm still fighting the good fight, facing it down w/o meds. Hate that doped up feeling. I've never been sick so often as when the spud started in elementary school.

    I'm also ignoring X and Z but I won't be able to much longer! Good luck to us both!

  8. A to Z keeps growing. We all need to conserve our energy. lol


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