Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Perseverance. It's not just for breakfast anymore.

A tweet caught my eye yesterday. Someone was excited and had big news, so I clicked on the link. 

I'm glad I did.

Seems this lovely writer was sharing her wonderful news about a publisher calling to sign her to a three book deal.

Congrats to her.

Here is the part that I found interesting.

To paraphrase her very long post: she submitted/queried her story to agents/publishers, revised, then submitted again, sometimes to the same places as the first time, repeat revision and submission process.

Stay with me.

She states that after 73 rejections she was done sending it out.

But, that after she posted an excerpt on her blog she got a message from a legit publisher asking for the manuscript.

Boop, boop, boop.

Back it up!

73 rejections! 73!

That's it! I am the laziest submitter, EVER!
I only sent to 16 agents/publishers. Just 16. Of course her odds are better than mine! She blanketed the publishing world!

Why didn't I do that?

Probably because I was so shocked and brokenhearted that no one wanted to scoop up my amazing story immediately and make me a three book deal that would lead to my fortune and glory.

But, that's no excuse! Submission #FAIL. 

It must be that I didn't believe in my story, or more likely my query, as much as she did. She wanted it more than I did. She worked harder than I did. She is signing contracts and I am ... not. 

So, I guess the next time we hear an author say that they were rejected numerous times before they got their first big break, we can recall her tale of perseverance.


  1. That is also a typical story. I know many writers (including yours truly) who've submitted, only to be rejected. Asked to make changes. Submitted again. And then, finally, get an offer. Don't. Give. Up.

  2. Hi,

    As that lady proved: never stop bashing publisher doors! One day some one will finally hear you . . . ;)


  3. One of my first rejection letters for a very lovely agent finished the letter with a quote of Einstein.

    It basically said Persevere ... I stopped querying after about 30. My novel needed restructuring. BUT when I am ready to query again I will PERSEVERE!

  4. Liz - Not giving up, just surprised at her tenacity. I guess it never occurred to me to send out that many.

    Francine - That seems to be soooo true!

    I reworked my query letter today. I'll take a few days to think about it before I do anything rash.

    Thanks guys!

  5. Michael - You know it! Must persevere!

  6. Yeah, this is the true definition of perseverance! What great news to read about, even if it wasn't some of your own! Very cool!

  7. Jessica - It really was great news. I was very glad to hear that she was going to be published. Not only did it shine some light but it gave some hope!


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