Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I've been called worse.

Well, I'm 64 days away from my 1 year anniversary of writing this blog and I have won my first ever blog award!

The Stylish Blogger Award!

I don't think I've ever been called Stylish before. I'm feeling slightly under dressed in my jeans and Harley t-shirt but, really, what else is new? 

Would you believe that receiving the award comes with rules?

Cause I'm so good with those. 

Rule #1 - Thank the person who awarded it to you.

Thank you Jessica A. Briones at *A Wannabe Writer* for sharing this blog award with me!

Rule #2 - Share 7 facts about yourself

Really? Like you want to know facts now?

Fine. Here goes...
1. I love chocolate
2. I have one tattoo and would like another
3. I am in the auxiliary for our local volunteer fire department
4. I love my cats but someday want a German Shepherd
5. I ride on the back of a Harley
6. I own a guitar but can't play it
7. I enjoy target shooting firearms

Rule #3 - Choose _____ bloggers to pass this award on to.

I have seen a number as low as 5 and as high as 15 for this rule. I will be going with 7 because that is how many facts that I shared and I'm obsessive like that.

(You don't know how hard I am trying not to make this 7 rules to follow the theme!) 

Rule #4 - Notify said recipients of the #3 rule.

Since #3 and #4 technically go together I'm not sure why we need 2 rules but what the hell do I know.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. Christine Bell - Christine is very nice and I have read one of her books and enjoyed it. I also won a critique from her and she was an amazing help and a true professional.

2. Liz Fichera - Liz has been very supportive and is just genuinely a nice person. She has lots of good advice on her blog.

3. Arlee Bird - This gentlemen, along with 7 of his minions, is hosting the A to Z blogging challenge in April.

4. Murees Dupe - Always has words of encouragement for me.

5. DL Hammons -  Held a really fun mystery contest recently on his blog. Great way to meet new people and think outside the blog.

6. Wendy Tyler Ryan - Smart, funny and entertaining. Is working very hard to share information about self-publishing on her blog.

7. This one I'll use to thank my family and friends who visit my blog all the time. They don't have to come and read my crap here all the time but they do and I appreciate it.

So, thanks again to Jessica and thanks to all of you who come to visit me on my little blog!

"Nothing in the verse can stop me."


  1. Love your attitude! Great choices for the award.
    Congratulations on receiving it.

    And girl, a woman is always stylish in a Harley shirt!

  2. Thanks Heather, for passing the honor forward to me. You are a gem and you have a great blog and a great attitude! As odd numbers give me the willies, I will likely be choosing my favorte number, 8, to obsess over!

  3. Woot woot woot!!! Style doesn't always have to do with fashion. It also speaks to attitude, abilities, and personality. You, my friend, are very stylish!
    Love you!

  4. Congratulations on your Stylish blogger award! You are an awesome person and as you know I love your writing and your blog.

    Thank you very much for this honour. I am smiling like an idiot at the moment. Thank you.

  5. Mary - Thank you so much. Yes, all my Harley t-shirts are so fashionable.

    Christine - Your welcome and most deserving. Thank you! 8 is a better number.

    K - Love you too! I learned everything from you!

    Murees - I'm glad I could make you smile! Thanks for always listening.

  6. So well deserved! Congrats, Heather!!

    And I love that you ride Harleys. Very cool!

    Thanks also for nominating me and for visiting my blog--blogging wouldn't be the same without you! :-)

  7. Hey! There is nothing wrong with jeans and I wish I had a Harley. The award was my pleasure, truly enjoy reading your blog espesially your exerpts ;).

  8. Liz - Thank you so much for saying so. I'm a better person and writer because I have met people like you.

    Jessica - Love our Harley. We will have to shine it up in the spring and get a photo on here. Thanks again.

    Kristin - Thank you. Thanks for coming!

  9. Congrats! And I just gave you another award. Thanks for your comments on my First 550 excerpt. Please check my blog for details.

  10. Myne - How incredibly kind of you! I'll be over shortly to check it out!

    Jolene - Thank you! I appreciate that!

  11. Oh, thank you for this award. I'll get it up on my site eventually. I've been getting so behind lately. Just wait til April I guess. Talk about getting behind.

    Tossing It Out


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