Friday, March 4, 2011

The Gone but Not Forgotten Blogfest!

The Gone but Not Forgotten Blogfest!
My top 5 TV shows no longer making NEW episodes.

The Carol Burnett Show (1967-1978) - I watched a lot of television as a kid with my family. We liked to laugh so I mostly recall shows like Laugh In, The Benny Hill Show, The Muppet Show, Soap, M.A.S.H., The Bob Newhart show and The Carol Burnett Show. This show is what comedy is all about. Laughing and sharing funny stories with your friends cause that’s what they were doing each week. The best parts weren’t just the skits or the guest stars but when they would make each other laugh in front of the audience. They would barely be able to keep it together to finish a scene and they would push each other to see if they could make the other lose it. True comedy genius from real talented people.

The X-Files (1993-2002) - Has to be my favorite show…ever. I watched from the first day and I was hooked through the whole show (even when David left, reluctantly). I think the X-Files always appealed to people not just because of the sci-fi content but because the writing was always creative and funny. Some of my favorite memories are of the comedy or parody episodes. I have an entire box full of cool memorabilia. I even went to a convention! My husband and I were given VIP passes to a sci-fi convention in Jersey. I wasn’t able to meet Gillian or David, they were not there, but others from the show were. It was amazing. Recently, my husband bought me the entire set on DVD and now I can watch it whenever my little heart desires.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) / Angel (1999-2004) - Yes, these shows were basically the same. And they both had their ups and downs but the majority of the shows were fantastic. Witty dialogue, interesting characters and cheesy special effects. Fighting the good fight, fighting against evil always makes good TV. But the love affair between Buffy and Angel was tangible and beautiful and always kept me coming back for more.

The West Wing (1999-2006) - I cried when this show ended. We had to record this show on VHS tapes (I know, right? What are those?) and I knew the last episode was on the tape and I couldn’t bring myself to watch it for days after it aired on TV.  I loved this show. Not just for the politics or the controversies but for the amazing characters. I knew them. I cried with them and laughed with them. The show was fast paced and current. They perfected the art of ‘walk & talks’. It introduced me to some of my favorite actors like Dule Hill and Bradley Whitford and had the Godfather of all presidents, Martin Sheen. Great show.

Firefly (2002-2003) - I see a trend too…Joss Whedon is my Master now. Love him. I missed the original boat for this show. I was just coming off the X-Files high and of course it was the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well. I didn’t think I wanted to watch this space western at the time. WTF is a space western? Well, while I was home with 'the baby' in 2005 I saw an episode on the SyFy channel and fell head over heels for the crew of Serenity. I saved my pennies to buy the only season they were able to create (FU Fox) and the Serenity movie and became a lifelong fan.

Thanks for coming by!


  1. I loved the West Wing!

    Still want to see Firefly, but my friends keep forgetting to hook me up. :-)

  2. What? No Miami Vice?! I thought for sure you'd put that on your list. :-)

    Did you know President Obama has a "Charlie"? Srsly!

  3. I'm already feeling that sense of dread and loss about The Closer.

  4. Great list! All the shows you listed in your discussion of Carol Burnette bring back so many wonderful memories of my childhood. TV was different back then, but so funny! Nostalgia...*sigh*

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Misha - You could probably order the Firefly DVD's from your local library system if your friends don't come through. Don't forget to get the Serenity movie to watch after the show. Thanks for coming.

    K - I struggled with the decision not to put Miami Vice on this list. It was a big deal to me at the time but I don't feel the same way now when I see the shows.
    But The West Wing reruns - LOVE!

    Suz - I know. But better they end on a high note than scrape the bottom, you know?

    Nicole - Thank you. I agree. Great memories of family TV back then.

  6. Well, despite being almost impossible to read, you list was awesome. I miss the West Wing too.

    Great List. Thanks for joining in on the fun!

  7. I'm a MAJOR Whedon fan. Actually, 4 of your five would make my top five list, too. (put in Gilmore Girls for Carol Burnett as my #1)

    And if I wrote a #6 it would be Veronica Mars.

    Have a delightful weekend,

  8. AHHH Carol Burnett!!! LOVE her and the whole cast. Thanks for reminding me of this great show. I haven't seen it since I was a kid.

  9. I've been seeing Firefly a lot today. Maybe I should try and watch the DVDs or something :)

  10. Yay, Carol Burnett! I also loved when they would be cracking each other up so much they could barely finish the skit.

    And Bob Newhart! I loved both incarnations of his show, esp when they ended the second show with him waking up in bed with his first show wife, as if it had all been a dream.

  11. Carol Burnett was a bit before my time, but great choices!

  12. X-Files was great but they lost me with Agent Doggit.

  13. The X-Files and Buffy almost made it on my list. I was disappointed with the end of X-Files, though. :(

    Carol Burnett for the win!!

  14. Erinn - So sorry you had trouble seeing the blog today. Thanks for hosting such a fun blogfest!

    Lola - Whedon Rules! Great minds! I only caught VM after it was on DVD. I really liked it though.

    KO - Carol Burnette, queen of comedy!

    Marquita - Firefly is a blast and make sure you watch the Serenity movie after the show!

    Jennifer - Loved Larry, Darryl and Darryl! Great comedy.

    J.C. - Technically the show started before I was born but I do remember watching it when I was little.

    Dan - Doggit and Reyes would have been better as secondary characters instead of main. Still, many good seasons before them!

    Thanks everyone for stopping in! If anyone else has trouble reading the blog (some people are seeing black background w/ black text) please let me know.

  15. Great list. The Carol Burnett show was so funny. I feel like this blogfest is going to expand my nexflix queue.

  16. Great list. I too bought the firefly series and Serenity. River is so awesome in the movie. I still can't believe they cancelled the firefly series.

  17. Ricki - I was mad that David was off the show for a while but I did stick with it until the end.
    Thanks for coming.

    Carrie - Netflix is going to wonder why all these shows get sudden interest! Thanks for stopping in.

    Murees - Thanks. If we had only all watched Firefly when it was on, it might still be on! I think Fox didn't believe in the show enough to promote it properly and air the episodes in the right order.

  18. I agree with everyone that this is a great list.

  19. If memory serves, The Carol Burnett Show rocked. Haven't seen many others on this list, often because my volunteer schedule conflicted.

    I saw the motion picture that was based on the Firefly series. I found it quite interesting. What is your take on the series versus the film? As a nominal sci-fi fan, is it worth me renting Firefly?

  20. Great list - how did I forget about the X-Files!!

  21. I need to FINALLY watch all the Firefly episodes. It's pathetic how my brother and the whole world love this show, and I still haven't given it a chance. Kudos to you for being smarter than me! ;)

    Yay for Buffy!! *does happy dance*

  22. Alicia - Well, thank you! I happen to think so too!

    Robert - Firefly is completely worth watching. You might be able to get it from the library. Only one season so it won't take you long. Watch Serenity again after you finish the series and it will make a LOT more sense. Firefly is such a great show. The 'verse' that Joss Whedon created is so rich and layered that you don't even pick it all up the first time through. If you get to watch it let me know what you think!

    Kimberly - Thanks. I saw so many mentions of it and I pics that I may need to go watch an ep. or 2 tomorrow!

    Amparo - YES! You need to watch FIREFLY! Give it a chance!
    I still watch Buffy whenever I see it on!

    Thanks again everyone for coming. I enjoyed this 'fest very much!

  23. I think I need to see Firefly. It's come up over and over in this blogfest. I liked Serenity and love/love/love Buffy and Angel. Eventually, I'll break down and get Netflix. It's just a matter of time. :)


  24. Marie - Don't wait for Netflix too long. I hear some of the Whedon shows come off in April for an unknown amount of time.

    Whedon RULES!

  25. ...The X-Files remains atop my list of TV faves:)
    Also really enjoyed "The Profiler" back in the day.

    Fun post,

  26. Elliot - Absolutely. I love pulling out The X-Files discs and just watching mini marathons of the show.

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  28. Buffy and Angel, as well as West Wing are three of my favorite shows. I never really got into Firefly for some reason. I need to get the DVDs and have a marathon some time

  29. Jessica - Thank you. That's great! I will be over there shortly to find out the scoop!

    Kristin - Whedon Rules! I do recommend it, maybe too much, but it was so much fun. Thanks for visiting!

  30. Joss is a creative genius. Love everything he's done. Great picks!

  31. Hannah - I agree that Joss Whedon is fantastic and so talented. Thank you for stopping in!


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