Monday, March 14, 2011

The Buggles have nothing on me!

Do you remember The Buggles? No? That's okay. Most people don't. Only a handful of my generation may know that their song, Video killed the Radio Star, was the first music video aired on MTV in 1981. That is about the only song I ever heard from them.

Where am I going with this?

I'm beginning to wonder if I am a One Hit Wonder.

Yes, I know, technically my book is not a hit because it has never been published.'s finished.

I have started 4 or 5 stories since I finished that one and I can't seem to get past a few chapters of any of them.

I want to. Desperately.

I want to work on them and develop them and, you know, finish them.


Even Caine is giving me problems. He doesn't want to go where I tell him to go. What's up with that? He's stuck over here and all the action will be going on over there and I need to get him to go over there!


Colin cooperated. Colin always did what I asked of him. So, I put him through a little hell, but everything worked out in the end!

Perhaps I need to give Caine more incentive. Make it worth his while to go where I tell him to go.

I'll try that and let you know how it works out.

Anyone else having trouble motivating their characters today?


  1. If you push your character where he doesn't want to go, pushing him against type, you aren't telling his story anymore. You're forcing him into yours.

    Han shot first. Look how awful it became when that was rewritten to show where 'ol George wanted it to go.

    Write Colin where he wants to be and edit out the boring bits after. He'll get to a story worthy place eventually, and remain true to character.

  2. Maybe where you want Colin to go isn't the right destination. Try his way once. It's worth a shot, right?

  3. I think the saying ''you will never forget your first'' applies even in writing. Perhaps a part of you feels that you are not done with Colin yet, perhaps he has more to say or there are still a few other possibilities you have not yet tried. Either way Colin is saying ''Don't let go of me Heather, please. I am good, I promise''.

    And you are not a one hit wonder. Colin just sounds like a very persistent character. I am one of those people who believe in signs and I say follow your gut instinct.

    But you are a tough chick and I know you will find the solution you are looking always do. Good-luck.

  4. I have several stories that I have started and can't seem to finish. I don't have a problem working on two stories at once, but when I am working on one I find my mind drifting to the one that has been locked in a folder on my lap top for weeks. I think it's a matter of just getting organized and developing a routine that works well. As for motivating the characters, well that's a problem I am struggling with right now, nothing seems to be coming to mind.

    As for the one hit wonder, I believe your not it, I have read Colin, not too fimiliar with Caine, just listen to the character read what you have already written and see how it sounds to you. Maybe Caine needs a little more work, maybe it's his goal that is keeping him from moving forward... This method of re-reading what's already written really works for me.

    Good Luck!

  5. I'm in the same boat as you. One finished-middle of final edits-and three other books started. All of mine are keeping their mouths closed and boy, I know how frustrating that is. There's always tomorrow.

  6. Marc - You were right. *hangs head* Apparently Caine needed to do some more stuff before he went off to 'there' and now he is much more cooperative.

    Sometimes when I write sentences like that, I think I might need some therapy.

    Thanks for the advice and suggestions everyone. I think I have my man doing what he is supposed to be doing now, after I let him have his way.

    And yes, Jessica, it was important to re-read. I could see right away what was missing.

    Donna is right, There is always tomorrow!

  7. you need a whip. Threaten your characters with it and they'll behave ;)

  8. Lynda - That is a WHOLE other storyline! ;)

    Thanks for coming by.


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