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Harry Potter Blogfest

Today is the Harry Potter Blogfest from Michael at In Time ...

Here are the rules from his post: 

It's quite simple. All you have to do is choose which two characters would be YOUR best mates at Hogwarts. You can use any student characters from any book.
After you choose your mates, then, all you have to do is write a fun little piece on why and what kind of trio would you be. It's that easy. 
Have FUN with this. Let's keep it between 300-350 words, so we can all read each others work. Sound COOL?

And here is my entry:

Dear Donovan,

I write this letter hoping you will read it on the train.

First, let me tell you how proud I am of you, my son. I know you will be an amazing wizard.

I am so excited for you and for all the new adventures you will experience at Hogwarts.

As for your House, the sorting can be frightening.

Let me share my own experience to help alleviate your concerns.

If I had been incredibly brave the Sorting Hat would have chosen me for Gryffindor.
If I had intelligence to spare, Ravenclaw.
If I was completely mental, Slytherin.

But, I was none of those things.

I was from an average wizarding family who taught me to be a good student, loyal friend, and to be honest and fair.

I was chosen for Hufflepuff.

While at Hogwarts I saw great things, some terrible, but great.

Good friends helped me through those turbulent years.

In my second year I met Hannah Abbott when she was sorted into our house. She was short on self-confidence and easily flustered but she was a good friend to me and always there when I needed her.

In my first year I met the handsome Cedric Diggory. He was in his second year and had already distinguished himself as an excellent student and athlete, but he was modest, fair-minded and a fierce, fierce friend.

You already know how we lost Cedric. How his tragic murder would compel his classmates to form an army and fight against Voldermort and his Death Eaters, to fight against evil, to fight for those that had sacrificed everything.

Without my friends I might never have had the strength to fight. I’m proud of them, and myself, because we made a difference.

It is my wish that you and your classmates will always be able to look up at that beautiful Hogwarts Castle and understand and appreciate all that was lost and found to secure your future.

Good luck. Study hard.

With all my love, your mother


  1. Oh, very nice! And you were getting it on with Cedric, weren't you?? Come on... fess up! You were all up in Cho's face and all, making claims on the cutest guy around. I get it. I like how you used Hufflepuff. They were always the underdog.

  2. This is enchanting, what a lovely letter and take on the theme. Hannah always sounded like a sweet girl and Cedric....scrumptious!

  3. Bravo! That was awesome!

    I had forgotten about Cedric...that's a good choice!

  4. Pk - Sheesh. Way to read my diary out loud! -- Thanks!

    Margo - Thank you. That is nice to hear.

    Jeanmarie - I'm so glad. Thanks for coming by.

  5. YAYAYAYAYAY!! You picked Cedric!!!! He was so dreamy! *le sigh


  6. Oh, very nice telling! I love this as a letter to your son!

    And Solidarity for the black and gold! Whoot whoot, Hufflepuff! (I have the Hufflepuff fight song posted today) Very nice!

  7. Nice...I liked the take on how you were raised and that is why you ended up in Hufflepuff and that the Slyherin's are all mental. LOL
    You should add that Cedric's ancestor became a sparkling vampire. LOL
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.

  8. Wow. Very awesome entry!! I love how you wrote it.

  9. Tears are welling in my eyes...

    What a loving and touching letter to your child. This took me by surprise int the BEST possible way.

    Nicely done, Heather.


  10. What a lovely letter. I'm so sorry about your good friend Cederic, and we're all proud of what you all achieved in the battle that ensued.

  11. Awwww - I love it! What a great letter! You also picked two awesome friends!

  12. K. - *le sigh...I love that! (*le purr)

    Hart - Hufflepuff ROCKS! Thank you!

    N.R. - Thanks. Back away from the sparkly vamp!

    Colene - Thank you. That's great to hear!

    Michael - Thank you for that. So sweet of you to say. Thanks for hosting such a fun blogfest. I would like to re-read all the books, especially now, before the last movie comes out.

    Tony - I appreciate that. Thanks for coming.

    Lisa - I'm glad you think so! Thanks and nice of you to stop in!

  13. I love this parental advice spin on the prompt--so creative and clever and heart-felt. I agree that Hufflepuffs are the most lovable of all the houses. I'd run straight for the gold and black whenever I needed a hug. :-)

  14. Ah, I love your take! The perfect letter to send off with your child, on his way to an amazing adventure! :)

  15. Loved your take on the blogfest. What a wonderful mother to son letter, passing on the tradition of Hogwarts.

  16. Aw, that was sweet! And YUM, Cedric! I bet you guys made out a couple times ;p

  17. That was so nicely done I got goosepimples - again. This fest is doing me in on the shiver stakes. Lovely entry

  18. Aw. Love this! So sweet and very nicely written. It made me sad, but loving the story all the more for it :)

  19. Is it funny that my first thought was, "Ah, mom?" LOL! You certainly went a different route, but I really enjoyed your letter format and reasons.

  20. Laurel - Oh, thank you. I appreciate that. I'm Hufflepuff but long for Gryffindor.

    Donea - That's exactly what I thought. Thanks for coming.

    Marsha - Thanks. That's what I felt too.

    Abby - Another one reading my diary!

    Laura - That is awesome. I'm glad you feel that way!

    Bess - Thank you. Sorry I made you sad. :(

    Susan - Thank you so much!

    Thanks everyone for coming by. I appreciate it. Interesting note. I believe I read all of the entries and only 1 that I found chose Harry as one of their mates. Now I feel so bad that I didn't choose him because we SO would have been friends.

  21. That was beautiful! What a clever way to tell of your best friends. Hufflepuff rules!

  22. Truly sweet.

    Hannah Abbott doesn't get much face time in the books, so it's nice to see her chosen as a best mate. Poor Cedric. The first of so many tear-jerking deaths.

    How am I ever going to watch this next movie?! I better take tissues.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Marie at the Cheetah

  23. Nicki - Thank you! Hufflepuff is awesome!

    Marie - I know. I didn't see part I yet, I'm going to wait and watch it right before part II. With lots of tissues.

    Thanks for coming.

  24. Fun! What an interesting post and this was the first Cedric I've seen!! Yay:)

  25. Monica - I am looking forward to meeting all kinds of great people with this challenge! Thanks for coming by!

    Lindsay - Thank you. I was surprised that so many didn't pick Harry, Ron or Cedric but did pick Luna!

  26. I love the way you wrote this! This is the first time I've seen Cedric, too; great picks!

  27. The Golden Eagle - Thanks so much! I appreciate you stopping in!

  28. Aw, that's so touching. HU=ufflepuff never seem to get as much credit as they should!

  29. Deniz - Thank you. Hufflepuff kids are awesome!
    Thanks for coming by!


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