Friday, May 21, 2010

4 down 6 to go!

Well, I spent a considerable amount of time sending query letters to prospective agents yesterday.
With the one that I had already sent I have emailed a total of ten.
I have heard back from four saying, thanks but no thanks. That's okay.
At least my letter is out there.
Maybe the query letter is too boring.
I could take a look at that. See if it could use some sprucing up.
If I hear back from the majority of these agents then I might start sending out by paper.
It's a pain when you have to print and do envelopes and stuff.

I thought I would be more upset with the letters but they are all written very nicely that I can't take fault with the agents. They know what they are looking for, just like I know when I look at their sites whether I want to send to them or not.
I'm sure I will be less picky soon.
I know I think my book is precious but maybe I need to put it out somewhere for others to read and get some feedback.
Lots of people are talking about creating a fan base so that agents and publishers know that you are serious and already have a following.
Not sure if I am completely comfortable with that yet.
I think I will check into some contests though. See if I can submit for any of those.

Moving onward...

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