Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday morning

I finally told the SO that I sent everything off to a bunch of Agents. I didn't want to get his hopes up, or mine for that matter, but I thought he should know what was going on over here at the laptop.
After getting the fourth note back from an Agent, which said 'i don't feel strongly about your work' I felt maybe I should re-do the query letter a little.
Maybe it didn't sound like I felt strong about the work either.
So, I did re-write it a bit. I think it sounds a little fuller if that is way to describe it.
I know most of these replies are 'form' replies but if that was a hint, I wanted to take it.
I think that means I sent it to a total of 13 Agents.
My SO will be proud, I created an Excel database to keep track of who I sent the work to and when, etc. That way I don't duplicate and I know how long they have had the letters.
I did some looking around about contests. Turns out that there are only a handful of reputable ones and I missed most of them for the year already. I don't know if any of them take a story this long anyway.
I checked into some smaller publishers but a lot of them are not romance friendly.
Self-publishing is always an option but not sure I have the juice for it.
If I get the majority of responses back as 'nay' I think I might print it out once more and hand it to one or two friends I know and see if they think it's worth perusing the market any further. I have been reluctant, up until now, to do that, but I really don't want to waste more time if they might say, this book sucks.
One Agent mentioned that the length of the book might be too short for most publishers. I keep thinking about where I might be able to add a significant section, like 6000 words, to nudge me over the 60,000 mark. I haven't come up with anything yet that makes sense.
Haven't been able to write much recently. Can't concentrate.
Maybe after I write this.

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