Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yeah, I'm an idiot.
I was wiggin' out about not hearing anything from the agent I sent the email to so I got on a writer's forum and asked people when did they think it would be okay to move on.
Why do I talk to people?
I don't know.
I immediately got argumentative with the nice people who responded to me.
Cause I'm an ass.
Luckily I didn't write half of what I thought back to them. But I did thank them for their time.

So many people make assumptions. They don't answer your direct question, they think you need background info, or worse, info about them, so they can help you understand.

Nope, I just wanted an opinion about a time period, I don't need to know about your novel or your website. Just tell me a week is good, or 2 weeks is better, whatever.

Did some more agent hunting. A bunch of them want a short synopsis so I re-wrote, again, and made mine 2 pages.
I have no idea if it's any good and I really don't want to send it to my 2 family editors. I think they are sick of the book and maybe me at this point.
I know I'm sick of me.

Didn't get much writing done and I should be working right now. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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