Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's been like almost 2 days!

So, I wrote a romance novel.
I don't know if it's any good or not, but I like it.
It took quite a while to finish it. I wrote the words 'the end' at the end of Dec. 2009 or Jan 2010. Can't exactly remember. But I had plenty of re-writes after that anyway.
I emailed the query letter and the synopsis of the book to my first agent 2 days ago.
Well, not even. It was like almost 8 at night when I finally sent the email. I shouldn't expect to hear from them for days or ever for that matter. They only respond if they want to see more.
I was really surprised to see that agents were as rough as editors. I thought agents were supposed to be more open minded than editors/publishers. But they are just as hard with all their rules.
I'm mostly rambling. I get that. I really was looking for a chat room or forum to anonymously go on and rant and rave, but I couldn't find one.
That left me with ranting on this new blog.

I may not ever tell people about the blog but I feel better just writing this stuff down.
I sent a book to an agent!
WHAT was I thinking?
I hope someone besides me likes it. I forced some family to read it. They said they liked it, but they are family after all.
I don't want to tell too many people about sending to an agent in case I get the rejection letter. Worse, they don't even send that. I may just have to wait weeks before I figure they don't want more and then send to someone else. I don't know how long I would continue sending it out, maybe 3 rejections would be enough to see the light.
So I guess that is it for right now.
Fingers crossed.

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