Sunday, May 16, 2010


Have plans for the whole day today so I won't have a chance to write.
Doesn't mean I won't think about writing.
I have two scenes that I still need to figure out how to mesh together so maybe I can think about that today.
Need to work for actual money the next couple of days so I won't be able to write then either. It's okay to just put it aside for a few days and come back fresh anyway.
My weakness is to just keep re-writing what I have done instead of forging on and getting more completed.
Fear of writing the unknown.
Sounds kind of funny.
Anyway, no interesting emails or phone calls. Pretty sure I wouldn't here back on the weekend.
I feel like I am going through crisis steps.
Shock - Pain - Anger - Depression - Acceptance
I know for sure that I am a good writer. Not a great writer - not a crappy writer.
How do I know I'm not a crappy writer? Cause I have read books that are crappy and they were published. So I know that there are different degrees of being a good writer.
I just want someone to read my story and say, that was good, I liked it.
I don't need gushing but I certainly don't want people to be bored by it either.
When only your family reads it, you don't get back an accurate idea of what they think. They tell you what they think, but it's never what they really think.
I have thoughts of just putting out there on the internet but not sure that is the best way to get feedback either.
Calm, must be more calm.

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