Friday, May 14, 2010


Did some more writing this morning. Made the 4 pages into more like 7. Not too bad.
Need to do some more thinking about how to get these couple of sections that I have written together. I don't always write like that but instead of waiting to write what I thought about and maybe forgetting some of it, I wrote it down right away.
Wait and see how that goes. It's not unlike me to just cut, cut, cut either.
I had to do some research today as well. Quick spells on the inter-web to find info so I don't sound like I made stuff up.
Nothing by email or phone to speak of. Disappointing but not unexpected.
I may have said that already.
Someone told me I should wait at least a week so that would be this coming Monday. Fair enough.
But I bet these guys don't work on the weekends.

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