Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well... BFF emailed me yesterday. She FINALLY read my book.
Sorry BFF, gotz to tell the truth on the blog.
Although it took a while for her to get back to me...when she did....she said she loved it!
I don't think that BFF reads a ton of romance novels, so when I was feeling pretty low and unsure of the book, I sent it to her to get her opinion.
She read it and gave me a few ideas to boot to work on. She thinks the male lead character didn't get enough screen time. I could probably work a few more pages in for him, he's so cute after all.
I had really wanted to send her a signed copy when it was all said and done, but I was too chicken to even email it to agents then.
When I hadn't heard from her, I thought maybe it did suck and I was crazy for thinking about sending it out.
Once I said to myself, I better not send it, that pissed me off and I started to send it anyway.

But...still no word from the others...

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