Friday, July 2, 2010

Bad characters! No donuts!

Sometimes characters are just bad.
Stop fighting with me!
I stayed up late last night trying to get some more writing done for the day.
I swear the characters were just arguing with me!
Practically whining.
I suppose they are trying to tell me something and maybe I just need to let things mull around in my head a bit today instead of continuing to fight with them.

I'm starting to worry about myself. Talking to characters.

It's a good thing no one reads this, or I just might have to explain myself.

No word from anyone.
The first email I sent was on 5/10/2010.


  1. At least your words don't have to rhyme.

    Maybe your characters are telling you that the second book will be the charm- "Let go of the first, Luke."

  2. At least your characters are putting up a fight. Mine are just giving me the silent treatment. I just can't get them to do exactly what I want them too. Love this post.

  3. Thanks, but some might say silence is golden! I like my characters to fight against each other, not against me.


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