Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fingers are itchin'

Due to a family outing I was unable to write all day. I did get to mull over a few things though and that was good and bad. I think I figured out what I want to happen next, but I was unable to write it! I hope I can remember everything tomorrow morning.
Hell, I hope I wake up tomorrow morning to write it. Very tired.

Hanging out on the eHarlequin community site the other day. There is a thread all about getting a critique partner. Most of the posts are older, but a few were new.
It's a tough decision.
Let some stranger read and rate your work?
Isn't that what publishing is anyway?
Other concerns:
How do you guarantee that someone doesn't steal your work?
What if they aren't the right person to read it?
How do you know you are the right person to critique their work?
How do you write a good critique?
All good questions but no answers yet. Maybe I just need talk to a few people on there and see if they had good experiences or not.

No emails. No mail.

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