Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thanks so much

Thanks so much for all the recent love!
I have some new followers who I like to call 'minions'.

Yeah, I stole it. But they stole it too!

I have been stalking some other blogs as well and hearing so many similar stories to mine.
Either we all have a cracked skull or we all think we have what it takes to be authors, just not the means to get published ... yet.

I gave my 'editors' who we shall call Suz and Katie my first 80 pages of the new book. Suz read it and enjoyed it. I don't know if Katie got her email yet or not.

I actually took a slight break today. Very tired this morning, as usual, but I couldn't focus which probably means that I'm a little stuck and need my brain to formulate.
It will get there.

Sometimes I write about stuff that I don't know a thing about and get caught up in my ignorance.
If I can push through and just write the good stuff I can always correct the mistakes later. I just have to convince myself to do it that way.

No mail. No email. No phone calls.

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