Thursday, July 8, 2010

Drama, drama, drama

I promised myself when I got on a few community forums that I wouldn't get involved in all the drama.
Bad Heather.
I didn't take my own advice.
I mostly like to stalk and read, but sometimes I feel I can comment using my own experiences.
Then some guy challenges you and everything you wrote, hiding under the guise of helpful and wise, been here longer, know more than you, kind of forum member. But using their most snide and derogatory language.
Might I remind them that they are hanging out of a free community forum and talking to strangers all day.

After only writing one paragraph the other morning I have managed to write quite a bit since then.
I told my SIL that I would send her what I have so far but I want to get the first really good kiss scene written so she has something to enjoy.
Of course I didn't realize it was going to be pages and pages of stuff to write before I got there.
Poor me, right?
Writing with a cause.

Nothing else to report.
Getting email and going to the mailbox is getting pretty boring.


  1. You are totally entitled to your opinion. Don't worry about some ass trying to pretend he knows more then you. There are always people like that. I know from personal experiance that you do know what you are talking about. So seriously, dont let it bother you.

  2. Vampires this time? Where wolfs?

  3. Thanks Murees. I appreciate the honesty.

    Sorry Suz, no Where wolfs! Don't make me get the red pen out! (There castle)

  4. Thank you once again for the great advice. It is nice to know that there is another writer out there who also has to juggle priorities. Thank you.


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