Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Here we go...again...

I emailed Carina Press today. Now we wait.

I read on a blog the other day some tips for smoothing out your manuscript.
She said: Avoid stating the obvious.
For example: stand up and/or sit down.

So, I went through my current project with the 'find' function and HOLY CRAP do I use those a lot!

Before I sent off my first story to Carina I made sure to look for this as well. HOLY CRAP I used them a lot in that one too!

I made some minor adjustments.

She had other great suggestions on her blog but I didn't check for them all.
Maybe I should have.

I was going to send to another e-publisher as well but they state in their submission guidelines that they publish erotic fiction. 

Hmmm. There is sex in my books, but I don't think it's considered 'erotic'.

After trying to look up proper definitions for erotic fiction, and probably getting flagged by the porn police, I am still not sure what makes the jump from romantic sex to erotic sex in books.

My only guess at this point would be wording. I don't use certain words while describing sex. Call me a prude. I don't want my story to sound like Penthouse forum.

These words don't bother me. I've probably used them all. But I think certain words can take the romance right out of the sex scene.

So, for now, I won't be sending to that e-publisher. Maybe next week I'll start a new list of agents/publishers to send to.

I haven't written in a few days. Guess I'm making up for my write-a-thon a few days ago. I have been looking for a 'real' part-time job so that seems to be taking up all my time and energy right now.

My brain also knows that the big love/sex scene is coming up and maybe it's not ready to write it yet. It takes a lot of work to make those scenes sound believable and not silly or clinical.

Tough life, huh?


  1. Good for you Carina Press just got some freelance eds so they have a faster turnaround. Angela James is also taking pitches at the eHarlequin website deadline is today though.
    Good Luck

  2. Thanks for the luck, ladies! I'm gonna need it!

  3. As an avid romance and erotic romance reader, the main difference is the more explicit language and frequency of steamy moments. A little kink does't hurt either. Good luck!

  4. Yes, yes, you will know the difference between romantic and erotic when you read it. Erotic has EXTREMELY frank language and doesn't mystify body parts. Very, very graphic.

    Feel free to stop by my blog and pick up the Romantic Writer Award to post on your site. I was awarded it from someone else, but I don't have strings for it. Just pop by and right click on the award to save it, then display on your site. You deserve it for hanging in there. Cheers! And good-luck.

  5. j.leigh.bailey - Thank you for the help. I'm certainly more romantic than erotic as a writer. As a reader...well... I like to keep my options open. Thanks for stopping by.

    Wendy - Frank! Yes, let's blame it on Frank!
    I have to agree. It has to be largely about the language.
    Thanks for the award. I'll give it a shot.


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