Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Your writing ability will be disabled 'til whenever due to maintenance.

How appropriate! I logged on to my blog to bitch about how I still haven't written anything and there was this message from the 'management' about image uploading being disabled for maintenance. 

Too bad I can't upload either!

Wish my brain would just let me know when it was down for maintenance! That would be so helpful.

"Heather, this is that tiny part of your brain that has that need to write fiction stories. I am giving you a 'heads up' to let you know that I am down for maintenance this week. So, don't even bother to try and write at this time. Anything that might come out will be total crap and you will have to delete it. More than likely you will just stare at the screen and absolutely nothing will come to you and you will feel like a pathetic loser for a short time. Don't fret. I'll be back on soon and you will be typing that story (that you have no idea where it's going) in no time at all! See you in a week or so!"

I am way too distracted to write anyway. Volunteer work, job hunting and apparently my child, who I will refer to here as The Spawn, is really bad during school and I am getting notes home all the time about his behavior. This of course, requires me to spend more time asking him 'why?' so I can hear 'I don't know' over and over followed by the 'shrug'!

Lovin' my life.

Hoping my words return very soon.


  1. Waiting is a natural part of life and Time is the only true God.

  2. Amos Keppler - Thanks for stopping by.

    Murees - Thanks. I like your new picture.

  3. ha ha I feel you on the child issue, mine is too little to understand anything but lets just say people who offer to babysit him never make that offer twice. Good luck with your job hunting.

  4. I told your husband this past weekend - there is some sort of black hole that everything a kid does during the school day goes into between the door of the school and the door to home. We have gotten to know our smallest Spawn's teachers well over the years due to parent - teacher communications rather than trying to get ANYTHING out of the Spawn directly. Hang in there - you will find a creative way to deal, I'm sure. As for the writing, do you think you feel that everything you write should be perfect the first time it comes out? Perhaps that is what is holding you up....just splat it out there...then go back and mold and perfect it....at least it will be out there. Just a humble suggestion from someone who has no idea......but loves you!

  5. Joanna - Thanks. Mine is only in grade K but he is quite the handful.

    Anon - Just splat it out there! Love it!
    I don't think I'm trying to be perfect but sometimes I don't know where the writing is going and that's okay, I just keep typing. And sometimes I put my fingers on the keys but nothing comes out. I have too many holes in my virtual storyboard.
    Love you too.
    Thanks for the support.


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