Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh! Now I remember! She has Ka-Razma!

It occurred to me this morning, as I was staring at the blank white computer screen, that I am not Maggie, my lead female character of my current book.

I am not Maggie and Maggie is soooooo not me.

Maggie is hip and hot.
Smart and sassy. 
Cute and funny.

Maggie is young and beautiful.

She doesn't have a bunch of hang-ups.
She doesn't have body size issues.
She doesn't have trunk sized emotional baggage.

If Maggie wants something, she gets it.
And she wants Jack.

God, I'm stupid.

Maybe I need a sticky note on my monitor reminding me of who I am supposed to writing as so I don't get stuck again for however many weeks it's been.

I haven't finished the scene yet, they seem to take longer to write than to ... never mind.

But I have been able to get them started and that was the biggest speed bump.

Very pleased with that and I will be even more pleased if I can finish this scene this week. 

See that, I gave myself a goal.

I wanted to thank everyone again for coming to my blog the other day to read my short story blogfest entry and leaving comments.
It was fun to write.
It was supposed to be 500 words and I did go over by a few but I thought it was necessary. 

It was nice to be over for a change!

The theme of the comments was the word 'creepy'. I hadn't intended it to be creepy when I wrote it. I was going for suspenseful or dramatic. But creepy is pretty cool too.

It might be a while before I try that again. There are so many blogfests out there you could almost make a full time job out of it. I'm not always the best at coming up with instant ideas. 

Go figure.


  1. good for you and I wish blogfest paid me money, although truth be told Roni Loren did get an agent by someone reading her blogfest entry and telling her agent abt her.

  2. Joanna - Well, that is encouraging information. I guess you just never know.

  3. Yes, that is all our dreams to have an agent read a post and go -- "I want that author!"

  4. Roland - That would be awesome. Thanks for stopping in.

  5. Doris - Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time.


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