Monday, August 15, 2011

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How are you? 

Fine here.

Vacation was wonderful. Thanks for all your comments. 

Right then.

Let's catch up!

Tara Tyler from Tara Tyler Talks is having her first Blogaversary Blogfest on August 30th. Yes, there are prizes! Sign up!

Alex J. Cavanaugh is having a Worst Movies Ever Blogfest on September 19th! You heard me. Worst Movies Ever! You know you have a few. Check out his site to sign up and get more info!

Have you met my 200th follower yet? No?
Meet Cheryl Dooley from Kangaroos of the Scrubby Bush!
Welcome Cheryl and thank you for becoming a follower of my blog even though I don't have any cute kangaroos on mine!

While I was writing this blog post I received a Blog Award! How cool is that? I know, right!

A great big thank you to Kathryn McKendry at Imagine Today for passing on this Liebster Blog Award! 

You know I had to look it up. 

Although I have read on other blogs it means 'friend' according to the translation program I used it means 'sweetheart' in German.

Not a whole lot of rules to this one. Just thank the person who bestowed it and bestow it to five others. 

Suzi's Ice Box Art

Tara Tyler Talks

I should remind you that I hate rules. I'm sure I have three others that I could share this with but at the moment I don't have the time. 

I'm going to type up some more notes that I wrote while on vacation for that story I came up with on the back of the motorcycle.



  1. Congratulations on the award and thanks for mentioning my blogfest. And I know Cheryl and her kangaroos.

  2. Great job wining the award!! And this is kind of random but Kathryn McKendry is my mom lol :D
    I'm definitely going to sign up for the contests!! Nice post btw!

  3. yay! thanks for the shout out and the love! i'm making you a special badge. i was waiting for you to hit 200. congrats!

    and have fun writing, sounds like you had fun thinking about it =)

    ps, fall is my favorite state of mind and it's so short i like to start early!

  4. Alex - Your welcome and thanks for having a cool blogfest!

    Jess - Nice to meet you and your family. I'm trying to join the other sites but Blogger is being finicky! Welcome!

    Tara - Fall is my favorite too. Maybe we were separated at birth!

    A badge for me? I can't wait to see it! Thanks!

  5. Congrats on having more than 200 followers and the award!

  6. Welcome back and congrats on the Liebster! I'm already signed up for the movie fest. Will check out your followers. :)

  7. Congrats... thx for the links.

  8. Congrats on your award, and I will see you at Tara and Alex's blogfests :)

  9. Great award! Congrats on the 200 followers.

  10. Murees - Thank you!

    Laila - Great! Thanks so much!

    Jeff - Thanks for coming by!

    Rhonda - Excellent!

    Donna - Thank you very much!


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