Monday, August 29, 2011

Stormy the Weather Gnome was on the scene...

So...that was a hurricane.

Technically they downgraded the storm to a tropical storm moments before it hit us. 

Call it whatever you want. It sucked. know I had to have some fun with it. 

Meet Stormy the Weather Gnome!
Stormy the Weather Gnome is prepared to ride out the Hurricane. A good weather person knows those mandatory evacuations don't apply to them. Stay tuned.

Stormy was posting pictures and information on Facebook to help his friends and neighbors.

Stormy the Weather Gnome is reporting that some rain is falling in Warwick.
Stormy the Weather Gnome felt bad for the bedraggled chipmunk that came up on the porch so he left out a snack for him in case he comes back.
On my way to the WFD picnic!

Ready for any emergency. Stormy the Weather Gnome is heading for the shrimp and veges!
Stormy the Weather Gnome predicts colder temps in the cooler.

Thanks Stormy for plugging my blood drive!
So full. And that was just the appetizer!
A little card game to ward off the boredom while we wait for the hurricane.

Hot grill. No rain right now.
Banana splits! What hurricane?
Back home relaxing in our PJ's after a great picnic. Thanks WFD. They are staying at the station for a storm standby. I'm watching this kid play video games until the storm comes.

Well this sucks. That is the street flooding in front of our house.

Great idea Joan. Stormy the Weather Gnome has lost his hurricane poncho hat (shower cap) but found his shark swimmy for safety! Still raining and windy

Holy windy weather! Hold on to your butts.
No Gnomes were injured during the hurricane. 

Our fire department had already scheduled a picnic for Saturday. They opted to have it at the station instead of down at the park but it was still a great time.

Stormy was a good sport and we had a lot of fun with him. He's resting comfortably right now wrapped up in bubble wrap (my son did that, not sure why).

We had over a foot of water in our basement. Not the first time. We did lose some stuff down there. It happens.

We never lost power, internet or TV, thankfully.

One tree snapped in the wind and fell in the driveway. No other damage.

Our Town and Village, I can't say the same. Roads washed out. Bridges washed away. Large trees over the road and down on power lines. It will be a while before things are back to normal here. I'll post some pictures in a separate post. 

How is everyone out there?


  1. Oh my God that was great! Thanks for the laugh this morning.

  2. So, so glad to see that the gnome has a real job, now. I hate it when they skulk around your garden. Then when you catch them, they just stand there all creepy and quite.

    Great fun!

  3. stormy the gnome sounds like a groovy dude!

  4. Stormy the weather gnome is badass. :)

  5. Alex - Thanks!

    Wendy - They are kind of creepy.

    Aguilar - Thank you!

    N2DFX - Yes. Yes he is.

    Thanks for stopping in.


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