Monday, August 22, 2011

Just for laughs...

Had another great weekend with my family visiting a beautiful lake in NJ.

My brave men. The little one caught the catfish.

Too much fun makes small boy pass out.

Did a tiny bit of writing but other than that nothing to report.

So, today I just thought we could have a little laugh, see some trip pics and then go check out The Spark blogfest and The Star Trek As We Know It blogfest entries!


  1. Haha lol that made me laugh!
    I like the Chewy one :D

  2. Not sure which one was funnier - the tripping cat or the chewy wookie.
    And that kid is OUT!

  3. Thx... a good laugh is always needed.

  4. SO funny, Heather. I really enjoyed them...

    Lovely pics of the lake...

  5. great laughs!
    and how nice you have a lake to visit. i miss going to the lake. ah, well.
    have a good week!

  6. Your son is adorable. I love it when kids have so much fun that they practically pass out from exhaustion.

  7. Glad I could help you guys laugh a bit. We all need it right?

    The picture I didn't post was after my husband surrounded him in masking tape like a CSI crime scene.

    He slept through it all.


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