Thursday, August 25, 2011

Statements like these piss me off...

I read this article today:

10 Words Editors Hate

Published On Thursday, August 18, 2011

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10 Words Editors Hate

If you use these words in your poetry or writing, be very careful. They are so charged as an editor I’ve stopped reading because of them. They can of course be used in a way that are not clich√©, but many times just the sight of them can send your work into the DO NOT PUBLISH pile. I’m not really saying to avoid these words. It’s really up to you, but they do send editors running. Be aware.
1. Soul-this word is number 1 for a reason. Many editors simply hate it.
2. Heart- this word also can get a manuscript rejected quickly!
3. Love-ugh, so many other ways to say this one.
4. Warmth-tread lightly here. Nine times out of 10 this one will get you rejected.
5. Windows-oddly, more times than not this one is used in a clich√© way. Windows to the soul…
6. Forever-don’t use it.
7. Death-ok to write about, not great to say.
8. Life-see above
9. Feeling- talk all you want to about them, just don’t say the word.
10. Light- do not use.

If the author of this article thought they were helping me out...they didn't.

In what context are you referring to? 

So, I use the word LOVE in my romance novel and you throw it into your Do Not Publish Pile cause you see the word a lot?

You stop reading my work because you saw a single word in thousands that you don't like?

I get trying to make a point but this article just rubs me the wrong way.

There is always a way to share information with people without being completely obtuse or blatantly offensive.

Rant over.


  1. I agree with you. This is so closed minded. Plus, hard and fast rules like this don't give writers nearly enough flexibility.

  2. Well, I'm screwed. I have the word "hearts" in my title. LOL

  3. I usually stop reading when I see the word "the". It's just so overused. Writers should know better.



  4. I think half of those words are in my book. Lucky I didn't send the manuscript to that editor, huh?

  5. Since I wrote a paranormal romantic suspense which involves ghosts and murder, I'd be screwed with 'death' and 'soul'. Thankfully, my editor saw past these :)

  6. How horrid. I might as well just stop speaking altogether of be personally rejected...never mind my book. :)

  7. These kinds of lists always bring out the cynical side of me, because I KNOW that if an amazing ms. came through with ALL these words, they'd take it anyway and deal with the problems later, in editing.

  8. Yikes. I hate lists like that. I agree with KarenG's comment. Dan's comment made me laugh.

  9. excellent summation of moronic and vague rules!
    this looks like the result of too much tweeting, wanting to preach and spouting nonsense =)

  10. I would take that list and burn it! It is the most absurd thing I've read in a while. I can't tell you how happy I am to be an indie author! Sheesh!

  11. I agree with Wendy! I wouldn't take advice from that! Don't use the word 'light'? Or 'love'? That's ridiculous!

  12. Yep... I too am incensed by such lists presented in this fashion. It just really isn't helpful, because it isn't the word's fault the writer uses it poorly--and really poor writing is probably what turns the editor off even if some words get used poorly more often than others.
    Though having "don't use" words is more extreme than I've encountered before. I was already upset by "don't use" concepts/characters like coming-of-age or werewolves.

  13. You guys are the best! I was so pissed and your comments were calming and funny and best of all they all agreed with me! Come back on Friday to see what happened after I put it on Twitter!


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