Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A little of this and a little of that...

Trends and Topics I've noticed going on in the blog-o-sphere.

At least two people that I follow mention that they have left Blogger and joined Wordpress. Not sure why. Wordpress doesn't appear as visitor friendly as Blogger. Maybe they give out cookies. 

Google+ isn't living up to the hype.

Blog Question: Book that everyone loved but I didn't? Twilight.

Blog Question: Favorite novel made into a movie? It's a trick question. I have never seen a movie that did justice to the book that it was stolen...I mean...taken from.

Eye candy / hunk pictures
We all love to look at hot guys and hot girls. Not sure we need to make it a weekly post but I each his own. 

So I don't feel left out here is my hot guy/girl video. Such an enjoyable way to spend three minutes. One of the hottest network television scenes ever. 

Supernatural Sam/Ruby scene 

Notice anything else going on out there?
Care to share?


The other day we finally got to go for a ride on the bike. It was an absolutely beautiful day and since I sit on the back I get to daydream the whole time.

Stupid me came up with a whole new book idea. Wrote down two pages of thoughts when I got home.

Just what I needed!

And that wasn't even sarcasm!

It feels good to have new ideas. To know that my writing brain still works under all the crap I pile on top of it. To know that if I finish one that there is another.

Funny thing. Class is over...yeah me...and I have completely ignored my finished book for days. I think I'm scared. I know I will get back to the edits. Hopefully soon.


  1. I'm just the opposite. Must be my contrary nature, I guess.
    I had a WP site before joining Blogger. One thing I DID like was that I could build it to simulate a web site. But I agree with you, Blogger seems to be more visitor-friendly.

    (The cookies over there weren't that great. Oatmeal. Yuck.)

  2. Yeah, I don't get the appeal of Wordpress. I find the Wordpress sites I've visited kind of cold and uninviting -- more business-like than creative, if that makes sense. Much easier to comment on Blogger -- when it's working. :D

  3. I am only hearing about Google+. Guess I have been living on a planet all by my lonesome! Blogger is about as much as I can grapple with. I can't even figure out how to follow people on Wordpress. I am techno challenged! And I am hiding under the table as I type this; I have not read "Twilight". Shhhh don't tell anyone.

  4. agree w/ wp comments and feel better for not jumping ship when blogger has a glitch or 2 plus their customer sevice is handy dandy & quick!

    google schmoogle, one more distraction to obsess about building up a following for.

    twilight, hasnt that fad passed? but i am looking forward to stephanie plum on big screen =)

    good for you, keep writing!

  5. Don't let your own book scare you!
    And crap, guess I better postpone the Kate Beckinsale photo I was going to post...

  6. Wordpress is too much for me. I agree, it is not as user friendly (at least not for a user like me). I prefer it when people have Blogger sites.
    Twilight: I don't get it either!

  7. Edits suck big-time... and yes, Twilight was horrible. I actually like the movies and could stand the book.

  8. Bryce - Oatmeal? Without raisins of chocolate chips? FOR GET IT!

    L.G. - I understand every website has their problems. I don't have to many w/ Blogger but I know some people do.

    Ann - Don't feel bad. I don't know how to follow people on WP either. I think it's just an RSS feed kind of site. I'm glad I came to Blogger first. Don't worry about Twilight. It's so 2 years ago now!

    Tara - Yet another reason we must have been separated at birth. Love Stephanie Plum. Not sure they picked the right actors for the parts but we will just have to wait and see!

    Alex - You are right, as usual. I will bitch slap my book...soon.
    Is Kate naked? Cause that's okay if she is!

    Susan - I know some Twilight obsessed people. Funny thing is they are not YA.

    Jeff - The first Twilight movie didn't suck. But I wasn't as impressed with the second.

    Matthew - Welcome. Thanks for coming by!


  9. I think Blogger is great with the exception of a few technical difficulties. If anyone wants to post a hunk I'm not opposed...cookies are welcome too. Don't you just love it when new book ideas come into your head. I jot them down for later...gotta finish what I've started first. Have a great day!

  10. I've always been on Blogger, so can't say what it would be like to blog on Wordpress, but I do visit a few WP blogs, and you're right, they're not as welcoming! I haven't tried Google+ yet... I'm afraid I'll get addicted, and I don't have the energy for another addiction. Sigh.

  11. As a user I've never had trouble with Wordpress... But now I'm really concerned that no one comments on my site because it isn't user friendly? Is Wordpress really so bad? It's all I've ever used.

  12. Laila - I should just jot down my new book ideas and go back to what I was doing but I get hooked sometimes. I need more self discipline!

    Jennifer - I don't want to get addicted to anything else either! I waste too much time as it is on the evil Facebook!

    David - I haven't had an issue making comments on WP just that it doesn't appear as friendly as Blogger. But, I've never had to work with it either. I'll let you know next time I visit if I have any problems.

    Thanks for visiting everyone! HMG


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