Friday, August 5, 2011

Screaming for ice cream!!! Thanks Alex!

I completely blame (and thank) Alex J. Cavanaugh for turning me on to this PRETEND ice cream.

It's not real...yet.

You know how it goes with social networking pressure though.

It started with this guy: Jon Defreest aka Jonny Etc. who apparently just made this for fun. 

Ruined my day. I wanted to eat it. 

So, Alex posts this on his blog and all these Star Wars inspired flavor combinations start popping into my head!

Jabba Wabba: Mint ice cream with chocolate frogs 

Ewok Tracks

R2-D2's Rockin' Mocha Chunk (developed by my son): Coffee ice cream with chocolate chunks and R2-D2 shaped marshmallows

Princess Leia Swirl: Cinnamon swirled vanilla ice cream with crunchy cinnamon buns 

These are the Droids you're looking for: Chocolate ice cream with peanut brittle

Dagobah Delite: Pistachio Nut ice cream with marshmallow swirl

Toffee Hoth

What do you think? Would you eat any of these? Do you have an ice cream flavor to add to the list?


  1. i saw that too! those are great!
    i would add "yoda, taste you must" - pistachio cookie dough =)

  2. I take no responsibility for your cravings!
    I think the Princess Leia one sounds best. You should suggest some of those.

  3. Yes, the Princess Leia one with the cinnamon sounds good, since her hair DID look like two cinnamon buns pasted to her head. :)

    Off to check the freezer for ice cream...

  4. Sounds delicious, doens't it? I've grown addicted to Ben and Jerry's Java Mash Up...dangerous stuff. :)

  5. Princess Leia Swirl and Toffe Hoth for me.

  6. Heather ... you really do love to run havoc with my diet. Every time I stop by your blog it's either something wonderfully chocolatey or now ice cream .... I WANT THAT PRINCESS LEIA FLAVOR.

  7. I'm glad you guys like it.

    Sorry Michael!

  8. I will be keeping an eye out for some of these flavors! Maybe there's a few recipes to be made here! I vote for the Leia one too!

  9. LOL - I would eat just about any flavor of ice cream.

  10. Just a note...Ben & Jerry's already does have a Cinnamon Bun flavor: Caramel Ice Cream with Cinnamon Bun Dough & a Cinnamon Streusel Swirl!


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