Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene's autograph.

This is one of the main roads into Warwick called Kings Highway. As you can see there is some road separation going on here.

This is Forester Ave. One of the firehouses is back behind the photographer. The road is flooded and also the train tracks.

Same road. This is the entrance to the park we were supposed to have the picnic at the day before.

Large maple tree down on power lines across Main Street.

Railroad Ave. There is a road and sidewalk under there somewhere.

Other end of Railroad Ave looking down South Street. Same tracks different road. On the left is a huge parking lot.

 This is a pedestrian bridge over what is normally a small creek. The water is never high enough to touch the bridge. In fact those are full grown trees next to the creek on the left.

This is the other end of South Street. Same large parking lot now on the right. Train tracks ahead...somewhere.

In the center of this photo is where a bridge, that was level with the road, has been washed away. There is a children's park on the left.

Same spot from the other side. This picture was taken later in the day.

Cascade Road ... cascading away.

All of these photos were stolen from Facebook. I was not out in the storms. I was home with my son and in-laws who were evacuated from their street in the village in case a resevoir near them decided to bust its walls.

Please...if you see some volunteer firefighters or ambulance members give them a quick thanks. Our guys were on stand-by all through the night Saturday, worked all day Sunday and are back out this morning helping out any way they can. I'm sure yours are too.


  1. Wow! I guess we were really lucky the storm didn't come further inland here.

  2. I posted a couple of storm pics from my area that I too borrowed from Facebook friends. My neighborhood got off very lucky. A lot of areas around me had similar looks once Irene finished rolling through.

    And you're right about giving the volunteer firefighters/ambulance workers some serious props. They've earned it!

  3. Great post and pics... I always give thx to those who serve.

  4. holy crap! i havent heard any casualties, hope there haent been any.

    and love the gnome pics, you work for travelocity in your spare time?

  5. ps, i thanked a firewoman just the other day at a stoplight boot drive =)

  6. Alex - I have seen lots of damage but not just here. Connecticut, Vermont and Long Island all were hit hard.

    M.J. - I'll come check those out. Thanks for stopping in here.

    Jeff - Thanks. Glad to hear it!

    Tara - We didn't have any in Warwick but according to the news:
    "Six people died during the storm, five by drowning – including people in Westchester and Delaware counties – and one in Rockland County, by electrocution."
    Rockland is the county next to us, we are in Orange.

    The Travelocity Gnome is resting comfortably now. He was exhausted!

  7. Pete was at RU most of Saturday setting up a shelter for 1200 people from South Jersey. He was a wet, tired man when he got home at 9:00 pm.

    Thanks to all who were on-call and helped others!

    There is a video on my brother's fb wall of some of the flooding in Mdsx....check it out. I remember flooding like this when I was a kid in the 70's (yes, I'm THAT old!). We survived then, we will survive now.

    We were very lucky in this storm - praying for those who were not and hoping we will be as lucky in future storms.

    Love you - K.

  8. K. - I hear you. I'll see if I can find the FB video.

    We were lucky too. Still have a roof over my head.


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