Friday, April 17, 2015

O. #AtoZChallenge - The re-opening of The X-Files.

My 2015 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge theme is The re-opening of The X-Files. I'm not going to reiterate the known facts about the show, but share with you how it ruled my life for 9 seasons and beyond.

O = Obfuscate (Taglines)

Trust No One
Deny Everything
'éí 'aaníígÓÓ 'áhoot'é'
Apology is Policy
Everything Dies
Deceive Inveigle Obfuscate
E pur si muove
Believe the Lie
All Lies Lead to the Truth
Resist or Serve
The End
Die Wahrheit ist irgendwo da draußen
In the Big Inning
Amor Fati
Believe to Understand
Nothing Important Happened Today
erehT tuO si hturT ehT
They're Watching
Dio ti ama 
It was such an anomaly when they would change the tagline for the show. Of course, looking at them all in a row here it looks like a lot, but trust me, it was a big deal at the time.
I still love the words 
Deceive Inveigle Obfuscate. 

Special Agent Stormy the Weather Gnome here.
When you get bored of listening to her drivel about her favorite TV show, make sure you drop down to the bottom of the posts to see me. I'm sharing funny quotes from the show.

Harrison: Can I ask you something? 
Mulder: Sure. 
Harrison: When you went to Antarctica to save Agent Scully from being taken by that spaceship and you ran out of gas in your Sno-cat... how did you get back? 
Scully: Um, well, first of all, it was never (coughs) actually proven that it was a spaceship ... 
Mulder: It wasn't? 
Scully: Well, no, what happened was that we fell off of something that ... 
Mulder: Something? 
Scully: ...that rose out of the ice. 
Mulder: Well what do you think that was? 
Scully: Well, I don't know what it was. But we never got, we didn't actually get to see a spaceship. 
Mulder: I can't believe that you're saying it's not a spaceship. 
Scully: Well, it couldn't have been a spaceship. 
Mulder: 'Course it was a spaceship. 
Scully: Well, we don't know it was a spaceship. But you don't have a picture of it or anything. 
Mulder: You know it was a spaceship. You saw it. 
Scully: No, no, no, no, remember, I was unconscious and when I woke up there was no spaceship. 
Mulder: Now, come on, Scully. It was a spaceship. 
Scully: Mulder, n-n-n-no. 
Mulder: And you were frozen, and I hugged you ...


  1. Great dialogue! She really grounds him:)

  2. Funny how they went off on that tangent.

  3. Ha. I like the tagline "Nothing important happened today".

    ~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Member of C. Lee's Muffin Commando Squad
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  4. Always waited for the tag lines to be different, thank you!

  5. I never really got into X-Files. Truth be told, I'm not sure how many more TV shows I'll be able to do since TV distracts me from the writing. Great O post though!


    1. I feel I write better from watching movies and reading books.


  6. I like it when shows change taglines. Keeps me guessing why.

  7. Thought this was great, great to read and remember a super series.


  8. Great theme. Learning quite a bit about X-Files. And I totally loved the show, so that says a lot.

  9. So glad I can help!
    Thanks for coming!



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