Monday, April 4, 2011

C is for Chocolate - A to Z Challenge

Have you met me?
Well, no, I guess most of you haven't.

Chocolate and I aren't good friends. We're lifelong friends. (Clear and Present Danger)

We have a love/hate relationship. I love it and I hate what it does to my butt!

Chocolate calls to me. It haunts me. It whispers promises in my ear.
I was a smoker for many years and that addiction wasn't anything compared to my chocolate addiction.

I will leave my house for chocolate.
I will bribe my own son for his chocolate.
I will make my husband stop on the way home from his 12 hour work day to get me chocolate.

I equate eating chocolate with shooting heroin. Immediately euphoric followed by withdrawal in a few hours.

Chocolate is my therapy.
My reward.
My perfect food.
My friend with benefits.
My enemy that I keep close.

I would tell you more...but I've gotta go. I'm out of chocolate.


  1. I too am a chocolate lover. Nothing beats a super fudgey chocolate brownie in my book. Topped with chocolate ice cream. And chocolate fudge... :)

  2. Love it, and love the chocoporn, too! My recent quick fix has been microwave brownies, but sometimes I just like to streamline the chocolate and munch cacao nibs..

  3. Bold, bossy, bashful, bright and beautiful beyond belief to me.

  4. Courageous, curious, cantankerous, caustic and crafty (not).

  5. I know that relationahip well. Sigh.

    Awesome post!

    Ellie Garratt

  6. Oh yes. I hear you. Chocolate's siren song has me in its grasp as well.

  7. I try to resist chocolate - one bite is never enough. I've been 'good' for several weeks now but mainly because it started to disagree with me ;-(

  8. Hey Heather ~~ a delightful post !! I am more of a savoury person , though I do eat an occasional chocolate , maybe twice a month ?
    Enjoy the rest of A~Z Challenge !!


  9. Liz P - Bless you. That's just beautiful!

    Renee - Love chocoporn! If I'm desperate I just drink the chocolate syrup out of the fridge.

    Jennifer - No shame. Daily is better than hourly!

    Suz - Thank you! Thought of a name yet?

    Ellie & Mara - I know, right! Should we go get some now?

    jabblog - I'm so sorry. That's like losing a good friend. Have you found a substitute?

    muso-blog-hog - Chocolate goes with everything!

  10. I tried to comment earlier on this post but there was an apparent problem. So if you have two comments from me, I apologize for repeating myself but...

    Now i have to wipe off the drool from my keyboard. From one chocoholic to another, those were some great pictures and this was a great post.

    M.J. Fifield
    My Pet Blog

  11. Now I'm really, really hungry. Hmmmmm, chocolate. <3

  12. My wife could have written that ! Well the sentiments anyway !
    Have to say that as a male, I don't get the whole chocolate thing, but offer me a biscuit / cookie and I have to eat the whole packet.


  13. Go for the dark chocolate -- is actually good for you (at least that's what I've been told, and if you've heard differently, don't tell me). Oh, but have you ever had a chocolate, peanut butter, and banana smoothie? It's sooooo good.

  14. M.J. - Sorry you had an issue but I only see your comment once. Thanks for taking the time! Thank you fellow chocoholic. I used to host a chocolate class at my local library just to get free chocolate!

    Claudie - Amen.

    RJR - I know lots of male chocolate fanatics too. I get your cookie fascination. My nickname as a kid was cookie monster. Especially if they were chocolate cookies!

    Nicki - Nope. Chocolate is good for you I don't care what color it is!
    C/PB/B smoothie? Really? Why have I never heard about this?

  15. Your post and pictures are seriously giving me some chocolate cake cravings.

  16. We all have our addictions, in one form or another.

    Though I don't love and aren't addicted to chocolate, I love these chocolate photos. They're works of art!

    Happy to meet you through the A to Z.
    Ann Best, Long Journey Home


    I burst out laughing with it whispering it to ... I'm still laughing while writing this.

    I LOVE chocolate as well, but since I am on a "I've got to drop my winter weight before summer or actually before I return to Chicago or else," I have given up the temptress of sweet and utter pleasure.

    You know, surprisingly you can live without it... I here you screaming NO! but honestly after the first few days you don't really think about it. Just DON'T take that first tiny piece because once you get that first taste, it's ALL over. lol.

    Thanks for the LAUGH, Heather. I even after seeing those luscious morsels in your post, I can and WILL RESIST!

  18. Murees - Don't you have a cupcake addiction?

    Ann - Thanks for coming. I would love to take credit for the photos but I only picked them I didn't take them. They do make me want to lick the screen though.

    Michael - I'm sorry but you are not fully addicted to chocolate if you can give it up...I'm really glad that you are working hard on your 'winter weight'. I hear moderation is the key but I've never tried it!

    Sarah - Give in! Thanks for visiting!

  19. Another chocolate loving addict here, but especially if you add peanut butter to it! ;)

    Sheila Staley : Reviewer & Writer
    Book reviews and Author Interviews at my blog at

  20. Sheila - Amen. Peanut butter certainly has its place.

    My husband has gotten my hooked on buying Ghirardelli brownie mix. They make awesome brownies!

  21. Chocolate is my enemy I never buy I, but if I happen to come across some I will eat it and I don't care who's it was... Halloween for me is like Christmas and my biggest excuse for pigging out on the stuff...

  22. Drooling. Go to Hershey, PA. Seriously. There's a chocolate factory tour, and a very large store. Addicts are welcome!

    Marie at the Cheetah

  23. Oh you've stole my heart with all of this chocolate!!! Me and chocolate, yeah, we're pretty close too! I love it!!
    I found your blog via the a-z challenge, I'm your newest follower & you can read my a-z's here: .
    I am not linked up because I just found out about it last night. But it looks too fun to pass up! :) Happy Wednesday to you!


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