Friday, April 8, 2011

G is for Good - A to Z Challenge

Dear Evil,
Good here. What's up?
Heard you were talkin' smack about me a few days ago. Heard you were sayin' stuff like Evil is better than Good.
Come on!
You think anyone is going to fall for that? 
You actually made a list of your wonderful Evil attributes?
And you think they're going to stand up to all the Good that I do?
But really, offering people cookies? Is this how you want to win the ultimate competition with me?
Pastry bribery?
Sad, buddy, just sad.
But, being Good means giving you the benefit of the doubt.
I'll assume you were just looking for some new friends and not trying to convince anyone to turn Evil.
So, on that note let me say this, give it a rest with the cookies cause if you don't I'm going to have to pull out all the stops. 

I am the Good side and I have chocolate.

Respectfully yours,

Unofficial poll results (10:00 am EST / USA)
5 - Cookies (Evil)
5 - Chocolate (Good)
2 - Teetering on the Fence


  1. Cookies and pastry always work for me! :)

    Happy Friday, Heather.

  2. Hey, hey, hey, I'm not proud. Cookies totally work for me. :-) LOL

  3. Chocolate or cookies... my allegiance is torn!

  4. Good rocks and so does chocolate!

  5. Chocolate... always! Unless there're chocolate cookies.

  6. Cookies win over chocolate, but I can make my own to be good!
    Loved it! Wish I had stopped by here sooner.
    Good G Day to you =)

  7. Guys...this is awesome! I will have to add poll results to the post!

  8. Chocolate, huh?

    I have only one question: are the cookies Evil have chocolate cookies?

  9. Cookies? Evil is not playing fair!

  10. M.J. - You just won't know until you choose.

  11. Cookies can haz chocolate. Pastry can haz chocolate. Chocolate no can haz either.

    Both can haz bacon!

    Cookies and Pastry winnz.

  12. Now Evil is just plain cheating with the cookie bribes! Good will just have to whip up some cupcakes!

  13. Chocolate trumps cookies every day of the week.

    Happy A to Z,

  14. That was funny. Of course chocolate!! Especially the dark chocolate. It's good for your heart.

  15. Maybe they were good cookies? Maybe they were chocolate cookies? Love your G post.

  16. LOL You go Good! (I hate to break it to evil as well, a friend and I that both worked at the same deli in the bakery came to the conclusion that the bakery was the good side and the cook's area was the evil side. SO in short, the good side DOES have all the cookies.)

  17. Gargoyle admirerer, generous, genuine, gifted, guitar owner.


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