Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for Squishy! - A to Z Challenge

This is Squishy...
Yep. She's a cutie.

When we got her we named her Sydney. (We may have been watching the show Alias at the time.)

She was only about the size of a soda can when we brought her home.

She hasn't really grown much since then.

After a while her nickname, Lil'Bit (like Lil'Bit'o'Kitty), became her primary handle. It just seemed to fit.

But then, while watching the movie Finding Nemo, Dory calls a tiny jellyfish Squishy. She touches it with her fin and it zaps her and she yells, "Bad Squishy!".

I turned to Sydney/Lil'Bit at that very moment, who was doing something bad as usual, and renamed her Squishy.

She is our weirdest cat. She would rather be under the covers than over; she doesn't like her butt touched; she meeps instead of meows and she loves people food. She will remove your fingertips stealing chicken right out of your hand. She loves french fries and popcorn but I think her absolute favorite food is peanut butter. 

Got me! I don't get her either.

But, I do love the Squishy!

Come back tomorrow to meet kitty #4 - The Ted!


  1. Nice to see you in the A2Z challenge.

    Nice post on S about your Squishy.
    Lovely cat you have.

    I am following your blog.

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    With warm welcome.

  2. Squishy is gorgeous and to love peanut butter...amazing. x

  3. Oh she is soooooooo cute! And wow, Squishy has a diverse palate.

  4. Is that Grandma's little girl? My sweetums? So soft and squishy, and that tender spot right behind her ears, and the softest belly- I just have to give it kisses... anybody got a box of band-aids.

  5. Oh so cute! Who could not love a yello kitty :) So squishy i agree

  6. Gujjari - Thank you!

    Pauline - Thanks so much. I've never had a cat that ate so many weird things.

    Jennifer - She is cute. Did I mention she likes raisins too?

    Suz - Yeah. I told you not to get too close to her!

    Siv Maria - I know! I love her colors! Thanks for coming.

  7. Oh, she is SOOOO cute! She reminds me of a cat we had when I was kid. Her name was Carrots and I adored her.

  8. The kitten is quite cute.

    It's funny how names come about from what we happen to be watching/doing at the time. My cat growing up was named Murphy because we watched that show Murphy Brown. And even though I tend to now give everything a Celtic name, one of my dogs has a Russian name because I spent the month before she came home in Russia.

  9. Squishy has almost regal ways and look.

  10. Liz - I love the name carrots! Darn.

    M.J. - I do love me some Celtic names! I usually save those for characters though, not the pets!

  11. One of my friend's cats loves peanut butter. My cats love people food. I was afraid my cat was going to burn his paws yesterday in an attempt to get bacon.

  12. I love the before and after pics - someone else did one yesterday. It amazes me how much kittens change, never really thought they did much.
    Nice kitty =)
    happy s day!

  13. Carrie - 2 of mine like people food, 2 mostly don't. The Ted loves him some bacon too!

    Tara - I did enjoy looking back at these pictures to choose the ones for the blog. I'm glad I took so many now.

    Thanks for coming.


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