Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for Ted - A to Z Challenge

And now...for the biggest... the baddest... the scaredy-catiest.... TED!

Ted is our big lump. He looks tough, he acts tough but there isn't a tough bone in his body.

He is another stray (yep, all 4 of them) and when we got him he had a huge scratch down his face. We joked about him having Cat Scratch Fever. You know, by Ted Nugent? No? OK. Shows you how old I am.

Ted is happiest when he is lying on top of another cat stealing all their warmth or in a sun beam.

He spends about an hour each morning trying to wake me up so that I will feed him. He's not very nice about it either.

Ted hates loud noises, a thunder and lightning storm or fireworks going off send him right to the back of a closet or under the covers.

So, now you have met the four beasts.


  1. I think Ted is cool :) Then again, all cats are cool!

  2. Ted seems like a cat with a personality all his own. Cool cat.

  3. Your cats are very beautiful. It is so fantastic that each and everyone has their own personality.

    You are very brave to have 4 cats though. I only have one cat but she is such a mean diva that I cannot imagine another one of her.

    We made it this far Heather. One week to go.

  4. Siv Maria - Thank you.

    Rhonda - He is pretty cool, thanks!

    Murees - They are pretty great. Annoying and they trip me a lot but pretty great.
    I know! 1 week left! Hard letter though! Best of luck to both of us!

  5. We're a three cat family ourselves, and I feel like our hands are full! Your kitties are adorable. Thanks for sharing them! Especially pictures!

  6. Ha! A very cool cat is Ted. ;-)

  7. Your Ted sounds great, as do all your puddy cats. They have fallen on all their four paws with such a lovely mummy! Have a great Easter :) x

  8. Renee - Thankfully the cats are largely self sufficient! Thanks for coming.

    Talei - Thanks so much!

    Pauline - Thank you. They are pretty lucky but so are we.

    Happy holiday!


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