Sunday, April 10, 2011


Sooo quiet in blogland today!

Here is some regular news on a regular day.

I sent out a few more queries with a new and improved query letter and still nothing. I'm really starting to think that the letter doesn't express the real excitement of the book or maybe I should just start drinking.

I haven't written a word in days...many days...but since I've been through this so many times before I'm pretty sure it's just a slump and I will be bouncing back soon.

The A to Z Challenge is going really well. I am having a great time reading comments on my blog and discovering new bloggers every day.

Following that line of thought a big hello, welcome and thank you to all my new followers on the blog and on Twitter!

Check these out:

Renee Silvana's challenge entries are all about strange and unusual creatures from all over the world.

In this Tara Tyler post she gives spoof definitions to a handful of word verification words. Very funny!

And making science fun and interesting is Stephen Tremp at Breakthrough Blogs.

That's all I've got for this lazy gray Sunday. Hope to see you all on Monday for the Letter I!


  1. Don't give up, Heather!

    I think that the best queries are ones that are written like the back of book jackets. Think of your query as a book jacket. Say it in 6 sentences or less and start with a cool first sentence. My two cents. :-)

  2. I'm with you about the challenge. It's tough to think this is an entire month but I am loving discovering new blogs! As per your query letter-- make sure that it has *voice*-- that goes farther to attract an agent or editor than just about anything.

  3. I'll read yours and you can read mine (use my email). The query gets better with every agent. It's tweaking the add-ons I'm slow about, especially the bio.


  4. I think you have to write a query letter that captures your brilliant personality (unless you already have of course). Because the way you write is entertaining and you tell a story wonderfully.

    But best of luck with the querying. I hope you find what you are looking for soon.

  5. Liz - That does sound like what I want to do but I don't think I'm pulling it off. I'm not giving up...just bitching. Thank you for always being a positive force.

    KarenG - The challenge is a lot of fun. As for the letter I'm pretty sure I don't convey that vibe. Workin' on it!

    Tara - I just may take you up on that.
    No problem, I've just got to share something when I actually laugh out loud!

  6. Murees - Thank you so much. Not sure how brilliant I am but I love that you think so!

  7. I'll second a few of the others: Don't give up. All good things come to those who wait. (Yeah, I know. Sounds blah...but it's really true.) Glad to meet you through the A-Z challenge. Following now.


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